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What's your drink?

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    VK / VS, generally tropical or lemon, Smirnoff Ice as well.

    Kopparberg, Bulmers, Magners.

    Sex on the beach is the only cocktail I've tried and liked...

    Apple sourz rather than sambuca.

    Rose and white whine.

    Not manly but neither am I unfortunately.
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    G&T mmmmmmmmmmm so good
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    (Original post by ChloeJaneR)
    What's your taste? classic beer and fine wine or whiskey out of the bottle and vodka shots? Strong and smooth or fun and fizzy?
    At the moment I'm loving Pimms with lemonade and strawberry, perfect for summer
    This! I love Pimms. I'm not really much of a drinker, but I do love a Pimms in the summer. So utterly refreshing! I don't just leave it to strawberries though. I put in apples, oranges, mint, cucumber, lemon, peach, kiwi, and whatever else I can find in the cupboard! Absolutely delicious!

    I'm not too big of a fan of white or red wine, but I do love champagne and cava. Nothing like a bit of bucks fizz on a celebrated occasion.

    I also love an Irish Coffee. Whiskey and Coffee...what a perfect combination!!!

    As far as cocktails go I also love Mojitos (especially Raspberry mojitos), Strawberry daiquiris and a good old cosmopolitan.

    Pimms beats all hands down though!
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    Beer - Stella.
    Rum and Coke.
    Cheeky vimto.

    And you can't be the absolute gentleman's drink that is G&T, must have slice and ice though!
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    Southern comfort and lemonade mmmm
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    If I'm out it's usually a cider (Magners, Bulmers, Kopperberg,Rekorderlig,Scrumpy,B lackthorn)
    Or Rose/white/red wine

    If I'm at a house 'do: Rum (white/dark), whiskey, Soco, Port depending on mood tbh

    Oh but I like beers like Estrella, San Miguel, Tyskie, Red Stripe or ales like IPAs or whatever. I drink Stout on occasion: Guinness.

    I'm pretty easy to drink with tbh as I can drink anything but really don't like vodka unless it is cocktailed up to taste less like vodka a.k.a paint stripper.
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    morgans and coke baby
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    Vodka coke but my stomach hurts if I have too many.
    Anything that is mixed is good, I don't do shots very well apart from Vodka if it's a good one, Jagerbomb and Sourz.
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    mojitos ftw!!^.^

    other than that though sex on the beach is pretty good too ooh and have to agree with the other people who said southern comfort and lemonade! not too big a vodka fan..always the last resort:P

    in terms of shots, it has to be sambuca! failing that though, goldschlager is pretty good too
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    In the summer its got to Pimm's and lemonade with loads of fruit :daydreaming:
    At the pub I tend to go for whatever cider they have on tap. Definitely partial to a bit of Thatcher's every now and then!
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    Gin and tonic Personally prefer Hendricks and cucumber.
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    I like Creme de Cassis, Jaegermeister, liqueurs, and that sort of stuff
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    Jack Daniels/Dissoronno and coke and I'm sorted
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    Usually a blended malt whisky (cheaper than single) neat or a little tad of water.
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    Pint of smiths and a Packet of salt and vinegar.

    Or a Whiskey on ice if I'm feeling like a sir.
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    I'm knocking back a Heineken right now.
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    Malts, ale, and red wine.
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    Depends what I'm doing really. John Smith's Extra Smooth, Bulmers/Magners or a Sambuca Lemonade with ice.

    If I can't get my preferences i.e. at a club. It's Carling and the usual double mixers.

    Pretty boring tbh.


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