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Bought a BB regret it now wanna go back to Iphone

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    Im on a 12month sim only, im only a month into my contract but I miss my iphone ahah

    Want to go back to iphone but do I wait for Iphone 5 or get an Iphone 4s breaking my contract (its £110 to break the contract, can sell the phone back to orange for £100 with the recycle reward thing) and get a 4s on contract or wait till iphone 5?
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    Winner for the 2012 "Most Unsurprising Thread Title" award.

    I'd probably wait for the 5 now. By then it'll cost less to get out of your contract. When that is though I cannot say.
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    Really? You were surprised that Blackberrys are awful devices? Wait for the iPhone 5 probably will be in October only 5 months plus it will cost less to buy out your contract!!!!
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    Since it's sim-only can you not just buy a used iPhone and stick your sim card in it? You can cut the standard sim card down to micro-sim format with a pair of scissors.
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    (Original post by FXX)
    Since it's sim-only can you not just buy a used iPhone and stick your sim card in it? You can cut the standard sim card down to micro-sim format with a pair of scissors.
    thats what i done in the end, bought a cheapy iphone 3gs off ebay for £100, iphone4 was too much money, no need to buy a new sim either. sold it back to orange for £80 so was ok in the end.
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    WTF did you buy a bb for? bbm? performance? xD

    I bought my bb for its qwerty keyboard tbh ^_^ I hate typing on small touchscreen devices, albeit loving my iPad <3
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    Really? They're not bad, you just probably bought it out of hype, and might have bought a fairly bad one. I have 90+ contacts on bbm and have an ipod so I think it's amazing, you'll find if lots of your friends have bbm it makes life so much easier


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Updated: May 25, 2012
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