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Internships - seeking advice on how to claim Travel expenses

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    I need some advice - legal advice would be great.

    Basically i completed an internship for a designer and was told my travel would be paid back to me. I kept all receipts and attached them to my sheet in their intern folder but i haven't received any payment and i finished this internship back in February!!!

    I have constantly emailed the company and been fobbed off due to ' Production issues' and also because the woman who deals with accounts is pregnant!!!

    I need this money as I'm a graduate working part time and for free and have bills and debt to pay !

    Please some one help any advice would be fantastic!!!

    This is not fair and i know its probably happening to most graduate/students! this 'designer' used me and my designs and i have never been credited for it ! I'm extremely angry about this but need a clever way of getting whats rightfully mine!!!!

    Please Help


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Updated: May 18, 2012
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