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Badminton School for girls?

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    Can someone tell me more about this school? It's in Bristol and I should be entering sixth form this September...


    the school is practically 98% asian filled and it is very likely that majority of them are boarders. Don't get fooled by it's advertising covers.
    In some years, the social groups are quite segregated. You have the
    1) ASIANS
    2) blondes 3) russians 4) nigerians 5) day girls

    It is quite a 'relaxed' environment but people know how to work hard and play hard.

    Are you going to be a boarder/day/weekly ?
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    Is it really segregated? And is there really that many Chinese girls? Do the races usually just hang out with each other? I'll be a boarder and I don't really know how I feel about going to a school in another country where it's really segregated. :/

    i was a boarder in badminton for several years nd now i look back and realize they were the best days of my life, ye youre gonna work hard but meet people from all over the world & those girls will end up being your sisters enjoy

    Badminton seems to have changed a lot since 2012. It's not segregated now that much. People do tend to interact with everyone no matter what their nationality. However, anyone who is thinking of going to Badminton schould really reconsider, since Mrs Tear became headmistress it's become really bad. I'm leaving to csfc and about 60% of my year group is moving. The new teachers aren't good and the new students aren't as smart so I think they've lowered the standard of entry because it's dropped 65 places in 2 years. Avoid Badminton!!!!!


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Updated: March 12, 2016
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