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AS level geography revision?!

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    I'm sitting my geography as levels in less than a week, and I haven't done much revision. I find it really difficult to revise, and I mainly read text books or notes I've made in class..however, this didn't boad well for my in my GCSE's.

    Anyone got any ideas? revision sites?! Last minute ways to make IT STAY IN YOUR HEAD?!

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    Hi, I'm curently studying A2 Geography and found that reading my notes through didn't really do much for me at AS.
    I found drawing diagrams, recording myself explaining things (I know that sounds crazy!). I even explained things to my parents and friends, how things were formed and why/whats involved! This helped me a lot.
    Also, practice exam questions in exam times, this will help you prepare for what the questions are like and how long you have to answer them. Thats what I'm doing now! My A2 examm is in a few weeks, and I'm cramming in so much revision lol.
    Hope some of this helps. Good luck, keep calm and try and get some sleep... dont do all nighters (y) x
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    I know how you feel, I think I have the same exam as you! AQA Unit 1?

    At the moment rather than reading my notes etc, I'm making notes on my notes, textbook and revision guide about the stuff I think I need to know

    Also, identify which case studies you think you should learn and then learn random facts and figures which I understand they really like at A Level! Do something like learn 1 social stat, 1 environmental stat, 1 economic stat for impacts on flooding or whatever.

    Hope this helps!
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    My exams in a couple of days too, Think about drawing spider diagrams with the key points. For example the key points when asked to describe a meander, then another spider diagram with key points when asked to explain. The main thing in this exam from my point of view is answering the question and not just writing everything you know on the paper. A lot of the questions are leveled rather than point marking, so no matter how many facts you write,unless you develop them you wont gain many marks. Look over a past paper and don't write the answers but write down bullet points for each answer and how you would develop it etc. Then look at the mark scheme. Hope this helped and good luck!!
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    I should probably be revising for this exam too, but eh, I want to drop geography so badly now it's depressing just revising for the exam. Don't even get me started on the case studies.
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    hey im a private candidate could people tell me what sort of fieldwork investigations you carried out?
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    look the marks for AQA are 70 out of 120 for an A
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    (Original post by tans8701)
    hey im a private candidate could people tell me what sort of fieldwork investigations you carried out?
    Hi! Im doing AQA Unit 1&2 and we've investigated rivers and its characteristics, urban and rural environments and how envrinments change as you move away from the CBD and lastly we have the coastal investigation. It actually depends on what chapters you studied. I did rivers, coasts, population and energy


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