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Do I tell him I know?

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    I'd like to add, I didn't go looking through all his Facebook messages. I just went to look at the one he has with my sister because my sister is a little err... strange so they're generally quite interesting conversations. He shows me them anyway but underneath there was one where the last message said something about not going to tell me and that's why I opened and looked at it. I don't snoop through his phone and check all of his messages and Facebook, which is how I kind of made it sound looking back at it. I went to look at one thing, which would have been fine, and then saw this.

    We've spoken about it now anyway and sorted it. He's not applying now but has got it as a back up plan if what he's currently doing falls through and doesn't work out. Very different to how that message read, which said he'd booked to go and see them to start the sign up so I can live with it being a back up plan, hopefully a back up plan that will never become THE plan!
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    Don't rush anything, he is a guy, its just an application, takes a long time to process and once he has been accepted he still has to make a chouce of going into the army.
    Hence what is the point of him telling you something that he hasn't succeeded or failed in.
    If he fails to get in, but tells you beforehand he might not feel comfortable in front of you because he hasn't accomplished the goal.


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Updated: May 24, 2012
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