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Your Favourite 2012 Album..

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    (Original post by alofleicester)
    correct, which is why she's married. (gotta love when people post double negatives).

    The new maximo park album is fairly good:
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    Point being?

    Oh, and take caps lock off.
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    Train- California37
    Emeli Sande- Our version of events
    Jason Mraz- Love is a four letter word :cute:
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    The new Future of the Left record is definitely worth a listen.
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    (Original post by Alofleicester)

    The new Maximo Park album is fairly good:

    And Born & Raised is fantastic.
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    I think the second half of the year will bear more fruit but so far aoty is Money Store
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    Marina & The Diamonds- Electra Heart is definitely my favourite of the year :awesome:
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    Meshuggah's Koloss fo' sure.

    The riffs; OH GOD, THE RIFFS.
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    1. "Instinct" by Niki & the Dove

    2. "Given To The Wild" by The Maccabees
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    Im looking forward to a fair few in the second half of this year...

    The Vaccines
    Ellie Goulding
    The xx

    and possibly Mumford & Sons!
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    David Byrne's got a new record coming out in September, so I'd guess that will make it into my favourites.
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    Lana Del Rey
    Maverick Sabre
    Ben Howard

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    I'll admit, I've barely heard any music released this year, but I have a couple of things to share.

    First is a band I stumbled upon recently, they've released an album recently and whilst I have not heard it all nor bought it, I do like the music I've found of theirs so far so I'm considering buying some of their albums:

    I'm also anticipating the release of the latest Muse album later this year, albeit with a certain amount of caution.

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    (Original post by Hipster)
    I think the second half of the year will bear more fruit but so far aoty is Money Store
    Definitely up there, it goesssssssss
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    (Original post by adamstandage)
    Definitely up there, it goesssssssss
    Also got "No Love" to look forward to.
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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Smashing Pumpkins - Oceania
    Mark Lanegan - Blues Funeral
    Bruce Springsteen - Wrecking Ball
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    Nas - Life Is Good
    ScHoolboy Q - Habits & Contradictions
    Josh Osho - L.I.F.E
    Japandroids - Celebration Rock
    Meek Mill - Dreamchasers 2
    The Walkmen - Heaven
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    Bruce Springsteen - Wrecking Ball!

    "We Take Care of our Own", "Death to my Hometown" and "Wrecking Ball" are the standout tracks but the whole record is very good
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    I like Electra Heart but my favourite is Rizzle Kicks' Stereo Typical!

    I think they're better than most people seem to haha
    I just like the different styles/elements they incorporate into their music
    And their music adds a bit of character to my mundane holidays


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Updated: July 28, 2012
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