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Artist draws President Zuma's portrait with his cock out

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    LOL at what this artist did in South Africa for the presidential portrait:

    The ANC have demanded that the portrait is removed as it violates the President's constitutional right to dignity.
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    Oh my god! This is brilliant!
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    The painting, entitled "The Spear"
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    If you're going to have multiple wives and still be a sex pest you've gotta expect this sort of thing
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    He did it for the lulz.
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    (Original post by MagicNMedicine)
    constitutional right to dignity.
    So all of a sudden that exists.
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    H'es quite well-hung there.
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    (Original post by Martyn*)
    quite well-hung
    I see what you did. Or what I think you did.
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    (Original post by Martyn*)
    H'es quite well-hung there.

    (Original post by cambio wechsel)
    I see what you did. Or what I think you did.
    There may have been some artistic licence though :holmes: like when you're having your portrait done you can get the artist to make you look thinner or whatever, so why not ask for them to make you look bigger in other parts?!?!
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    The man is horrible and deserves what he gets. Homophobic and a massive barrier to slowing down the spreading of AIDs in Africa. And all he gets is a bit of a bad painting drawn of him.

    Poor man.
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    Actually its not the first time Zuma has had controversial pictures drawn of him: a few years ago the South African Sunday times did cartoons depicting him as a rapist about to rape 'Lady Justice'. This was sailing close to the wind as Zuma had in the past been on trial for rape although he was cleared.


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Updated: May 20, 2012
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