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Hiya....Newbie here..xxx

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    New to the forum.

    Hoping to get into Uni this Sept.....for many reasons Ive only just started my UCAS and really want to get in for Sept...to study Mental Health Nursing...

    There are a few places left fairly local to me.......even though NHS entry for Nurising says nothing about Maths, the Uni ive picked near me say Maths grade C and I got a D!!! Ive enrolled on a level 2 basic maths top up which is acceptable just depends if they accept it....I spoke to someone at the uni in nursing and he wasnt very positive....said it may be looked at if I mention Im on the course..... Ive even done further study (diploma) in massage with anatomy and physiology and studied a Diploma in psychotherapy and counselling, both of which Id imagine are favourable...

    Ill be gutted if I dont get offered a place.

    I wish I could choose other uni's but I dont drive and hubby and have a small child....so moving may be a nightmare.

    Anyone have any advice or in a similar situation.

    I think its stricter now its Degree only and not diploma anymore.
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    :hello: Welcome to TSR!



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