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GCSE To Kill A Mockingbird- Eng Lit

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    Anyone studying this?

    Have the exam Tuesday and feel completley stuck at the moment I have practically no notes.

    Anyone have any tips/idea what could come up?

    I am

    Why don't you have any notes?

    Loads of questions have come up before, including questions on Miss Maudie, Atticus, Scout, Tom Robinson and the Ewells. These are the main ones, but I'd revise loads of the minor characters if I were you (just in case).

    You never know what's going to come up! The first part of the question will be relatively easy because you just use stuff from the extract they give you. And even if you can't find any quotes for the second question, I guarantee they will both be related in some way, so you could still use quotes from the extract

    If were you, I'd revise themes, character, context and linguistic devices.

    Apart from that, you never really know what's going to come up! Just revise key quotations for each character - you could even make spider diagrams if you're that kind of learner.

    Good luck I'm sure you'll be fine!

    What other novel/play are you studying?

    If you're doing WJEC like me, may the Gods be with you.

    Practice questions! Practice how you will plan the essay, remember:
    Introduction - Mention the book's context and refer to the question
    Point 1 - If for example "How is Calpurnia important to the novel as a whole" mention how she educated the children
    Point 2 - How Calpurnia is important to the book's themes
    Point 3 - Key events, attitudes and behaviour, or anything else you can come up with!

    The extract questions should be easier, just remember to refer to the author "Lee creates..." "Lee's language suggests / reveals".

    I would definitely go over the characters, themes, and a plot summary.

    (I'm not OP - But I'm also doing Inspector Calls and About a Boy on Thursday)

    (Original post by Coke1)
    Anyone studying this?

    Have the exam Tuesday and feel completley stuck at the moment I have practically no notes.

    Anyone have any tips/idea what could come up?
    There has been some talk about dill, scout etc but assume anything could so you don't so too much for one thing make a list of major characters and do points about what they do in the novel, how do they change and add in key quotes
    Do mind maps for each theme (bitesize has some good ideas)

    Good luck!

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    Chloevictoria- I am doing An Inspector Calls as my other one. I don't have any notes because my teacher hasn't exactly given us much guidance. I have started to make some, but was just struggling with what to make it on. And thanks for the tips

    Abovetheline- Thank you SO much! That really helped me. I am doing AQA lol. Is WJEC much harder?

    alexandraa- Thank you. I guess it makes sense Dill/scout could come up, because they haven't recently.

    WJEC are really strict on marking, and we don't get any of the books for the exam we have to remember everything
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    (Original post by AboveTheLine)
    WJEC are really strict on marking, and we don't get any of the books for the exam we have to remember everything

    Wow that is really silly. Surely the boundaries MUST be VERY low. How on Earth can you be expected to remember quotations when you don't even know what the question is ?!?!

    Have a look on Sparknotes or BBC Bitesize, look over characters and themes, writers techniques, and definitely context. Make character charts, including quotes, how they are presented, links to themes, their development or purpose to the novel. You don't need to remember EXACT quotes, they won't penalise you as long as what you're writing means the same as the quote..if that makes sense.

    Just remember PEE (point evidence explain), try and link your point to a theme, or what effect is has on the reader, or wider purpose of the novel, and try to include personal opinion once or twice but only where appropriate e.g. "This technique that Lee uses is effective because..." and you'll be fine

    I did this for my exam last year. Here are the notes I typed up just to help me out with it. Sorry if it's a bit all over the place, did it the night before I think. Also the page references would make sense if you looked at my annotated copy of the novel, but hopefully it should be pretty obvious what I'm trying to point out on the pages.

    Hope it helps you out a bit mate.
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