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What's your best Hangover Cure?

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    The only thing which helps me is having something I have to do/go to. It forces you to man up and get on with it. If I have a clear day I will just wallow in my uncomfortableness and achieve nothing until after dinner.

    Usually wake up at least twice in the night cos my mouth is so dry and down a pint of water though, which really helps.
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    (Original post by pshewitt1)
    I don't get hangovers
    Same, don't even know what it's like
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    (Original post by Obadetona)
    Same, don't even know what it's like
    Do your friends get annoyed when you tell em to man up :L ?
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    (Original post by pshewitt1)
    Do your friends get annoyed when you tell em to man up :L ?
    Haha I act hungover, then I don't have to nurse them all morning
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    One large drink of water before you leave the pub/club, then a leisurely stroll home(even if you live far away, get the taxi to drop you off a mile from home), then another large water before you go to sleep.

    Works a treat every time even if you're well drunk.
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    1) drink so much water im about to puke
    2) can of monster
    3) go to mcdonalds and get a breakfast

    rinse and repeat
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    (Original post by Obadetona)
    Same, don't even know what it's like
    Me neither, but probably because I've always taken precautions.
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    (Original post by Mr Dangermouse)
    Me neither, but probably because I've always taken precautions.
    Like what? I've never been sure if I'm just doing something other people aren't
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    Full English, or bacon, hash browns, eggs. Chuck in a chocolate nurishment, and jobs a good'un.
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    (Original post by Obadetona)
    Like what? I've never been sure if I'm just doing something other people aren't
    Exactly what I said in my other post, pint of water at last orders, at least a mile leisurely stroll home and then a pint of water when you get home.

    I've never had a hangover and I've always done this, it actually helps me sober up before sleeping(From a state of being very drunk but just about in control) and hence avoid hangovers.
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    No such thing as a hangover cure, once the hangover has set in, in my experience.

    The best thing to do is to stop it from developing in the first place. My tried and tested method for this is having two slices of toast (must be toast - not pasta, not pizza, not a kebab, not a penguin) and a cup of tea before you go to bed.

    After that, I invariably wake up feeling fresh as a daisy. If I don't eat that, then I wake up feeling like death warmed up.
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    Milk before going to bed, water in the morning.

    Oh and opiates, the 30/500 leaves you thinking you havent got a head=no hangover.

    Also, no mixing drinks. Beer, white wine, whiskey and White Ace are bound to haunt you in the morning if youve been fraternizing with em all in one night.
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    A bottle of irn bru when I wake up followed by a MacDonalds an hour latet. Never fails to make me feel better :-)
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    As stupid as it sounds, Tangy Cheese Doritos.

    Last Sunday I was pretty much dead, throwing up after drinking water and a banging headache. Water, milk, bread - all useless, just threw it all back up again; I wanted rid of the hangover before the Sunday roast as it'd be a terrible waste otherwise. Then I got a bag of Tangy Cheese Doritos, they'd always worked in the past though it might have been by chance, after all the last time I'd eaten bacon beforehand. But no, after opening the bag and eating just a few, I was cured, I don't know what's in them that makes them such miracle workers but they're amazing
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    In all honesty, a **** and a ****.
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    In my experience, I have got this nailed (for me anyway). Pint of water before I go to sleep, slice of pizza if I can manage it. Then in the morning, More water, can of Red Bull/ energy - Sure I read somewhere that the taurine is supposed to help with hangovers? Then something greasy i.e cooked breakfast. Works every time for me, usually have work the next day and I am sorted.
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    this thread should be made into a stickey!
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    A pint of ice-cold milk, some Irn-Bru, a Disney film (preferably The Lion King), and later on, once my stomach can handle it, something greasy to eat, like pizza. Sorted!
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    Left over Kebab meat


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