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Selling first year SOAS LLB Law Textbooks.

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    The title says it all. The books are in good condition and are not falling off the seams. They have random notes (which may be helpful to some) and highlights (of major passages which you would generally quote in any essay). The statute book which I am selling can be used in the exam without any issues (only highlights allowed).

    When I bought the said books, I paid £169.51

    These are not all the books you need, as I have decided not to sell 2 of my textbooks as I find them useful for reference- they were about £60.

    All the books were 'fresh' and new 9 months back. These are the books and the recommended editions used in 2011-2012 LLB Law at SOAS, and the law should not have changed too radically in this coming school year.

    If you are genuinely interested in the books, please just say yes, and I'll be putting them up on auction on eBay. I am not sure weather to sell them separately or as a pack.

    As a pack, I would like to sell them for £100; but if I sell them separately, the price will be, most likely, be higher.

    Just say you're interested in this thread.
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Updated: May 24, 2012
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