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Hi from huddersfield builder.

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    Im David a 32 yr old builder from huddersfield.
    I am looking at re-educating myself as i want the best for my baby girl.
    I am considered intelligent by friends and co-workers but under-achieved at school.
    I was in the "cool" gang at school and basiclly messed around (frequent absence).
    Now I have a baby girl and i want to be the best i can be for her.
    Im financially secure with mortgage free home & car so why not.
    I eventually would like to become a structural engineer (related to my current trade).
    Im considering taking maths, physics and chemistry at igcse level and progressing from there to a levels of which i need AAA so wish me luck.....
    My previous grades at gcse (1995) were cc in dual award science and d in maths , with an attendance rate of roughly 65-70% in year 10&11 and never doing homework or revision , im hoping i can achieve AAA at igcse level when i put my heart and time into it.
    cya around

    :hello: Welcome to TSR!




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Updated: May 20, 2012
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