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How do you keep your school work organised ? ?

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    Use Microsoft One Note

    Have one notebook per topic, and then create sections for modules within those topics.
    You can keep huge amounts of information in note form on your laptop and carry the equivalent of four binders or more with you at all times.

    When revision time comes, just print it all out. Makes it easy sending notes to your friends too and printing out notes for them.

    At Uni, you only need to revise certain topics, so just print out the ones you need. This saves a lot of paper and thus the environment too.

    The best laptop to get is an HP TM2 series, which allows for mouse, touch, or pen interaction. You can write handwritten notes, convert them to text, or just store them automatically on One Note.

    I am doing exams right now at Uni, and the system works perfectly. Try it yourself!
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    i just put all my work for each subject into Expanding folder Organisers, i then divide them into topics/modules. so when it comes to exam time i can work on each subject, topic by topic. its easier that way!
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    Organizing my school work.
    Good one
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    What I would do, I would buy some folders, Polly pockets and sticky notes.

    For example for business, I would write enterprise.

    Whatever is related to enterprising, I would put in that polly pocket, after I've done that. Put in the folder, and done!

    Whenever It comes to revising I tend to do a lot of past papers, and definitions, Personally I don't look at my work because sometimes it's not that very useful and sometimes has the wrong answers.

    Have a mark scheme, whatever goes wrong, go over and ask your teacher where you went wrong and how you can build on that and make that your strong point.
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    I don't. At school I threw all the stuff I had done in class in the bin on the way out. I went to uni this year determined to make good notes but my ringbinders were left untouched and I went the whole year without keeping any work.
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    I don't.. I probably should..
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    I use folders with dividers in them. I take all my notes and write them out neatly on A4 lined paper as I go through the course. I tend to organise notes in date order, as the course tends to naturally flow from topic to topic. I also use highlighters to make key points stand out, and then cue cards for the really difficult to remember bits, then I take the cards with me to study off of.
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    Binders and dividers.
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    How about getting a plastic folder (with a zip or fastener) for each subject you do, put a label on the front and then at least you can keep all loose sheets etc together. Then a main file at home to file them all away after each topic / section. Saves carrying lots of heavy files around, but still ensures you have everything relatively organised. You can get a pack of 5 for about £1.50 in Tesco.
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    I have a pile of paper on my desk. Lists of vocab, photocopies for history, list of quotes, facts to learn etc. Then folders and things for handouts from teachers I've never sat down and read.
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    I dont.
    Its everywhere.
    In folders.
    Haunting me.
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    (Original post by Sternumator)
    I don't. At school I threw all the stuff I had done in class in the bin on the way out. I went to uni this year determined to make good notes but my ringbinders were left untouched and I went the whole year without keeping any work.
    Haha I do this currently it really annoys my teachers as I don't listen to them and just make my own notes through the textbook
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    I just shove it in a wardrobe, literally. Rarely do they come out undamaged. I downloaded OneNote earlier and it's pretty impressive, I'll probably use that next year.
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    I tend to buy a new exercise book per subject so currently I have ones for biology, chemistry, physics, maths etc then I just keep them altogether. I'll also make mind maps and flashcards for the science subjects which I'll just tuck into the front of the book so if I ever need to revise the subject I'll just take the book with me accompanied by the rest of the notes.
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    A decent sized folder, dividers and highlighters are the best tools you can have. Saves you from continuously having to search through everything you own to find one sheet!
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    I had a huge ring binder with dividers for each subject. At school in my day (how old does that make me sound haha) most of the work was all in exercise books as we hand wrote everything because not everyone had a computer! So it was a lot easier to organise back then.
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    (Original post by shanej13)
    This helped me. It'll surely help you too...


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