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Pursue a career in modelling or go to Uni?

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    I am in pretty much the same situation, I got scouted last year and I'm doing my AS in maths, chemistry & biology I considered trying to do both university and modelling at the same time but work usually gets quite hectic especially around exam times and I'm also finding it increasingly difficult to manage bookings, exams, and study.

    I think i am going to pursue modelling while finishing my A-levels , then conentrate on modelling for a while and then finally go to university afterwards because university doesn't have such a short time limit as modelling and I will simply not have the time to do a science based course at university and give it my full devotion whilst also doing modelling.

    Hope this helps
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    Logically this job is based off your looks, when they leave you, you have nothing.
    Whereas with a degree it will stay with you and be there through thick and thin!

    University then model later if you want, better than regretting it.
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    (Original post by QTpie118)
    Kind of biased opinion: my sister is a model, would otherwise be first year uni, but decided modelling was more her thing. I think it all essentially comes down to what you want. If I had both your good looks and intelligence, I would definitely go for modelling first! My sister's going to see how far her career takes her, and get a degree when she's ready. You can make sooo much money (not that money's the most important factor or anything).

    I also want to study Medicine, just thought I'd add, and reading these comments has been quite useful in terms of balancing work with other things

    Good luck!
    Your sister is a model - why aren't you??
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    Modelling is so temporary and such a rubbish job for a lot of girls, the reality is nowhere near the glamour of the image, I know as I know older girls who did it for a while. Do Medicine and be a gorgeous doctor like in House or something!! Date incredibly dishy doctors.
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    (Original post by SoNottingH)
    Your sister is a model - why aren't you??
    Erm, we're two completely different people?
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    what do you want to do, its your life and its not always got to be about "what will make me the most money when im 50"

    do you want to be 50 and have the 2.4 kids, nice house, nice car, a job you could very well hate and look back and say "i wish id been a model"

    If you want to model then go for it, the future will get here whether you want it to or not. better to be a doctor at 35 with no regrets thana doctor at 30 and wishing...........
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    (Original post by SoNottingH)
    Modelling is so temporary and such a rubbish job for a lot of girls, the reality is nowhere near the glamour of the image, I know as I know older girls who did it for a while. Do Medicine and be a gorgeous doctor like in House or something!! Date incredibly dishy doctors.
    Hahaha yes! Someone said it!
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    (Original post by Anonymous)
    I'm now 17, and last year I was scouted last year by Elite whilst out with friends, and, to cut a long story short, I've reached the stage where it's becoming increasingly difficult to balance work (AS Levels) and shoots, bookings etc so I have to choose. I know I have like a while before I have to apply, but it'll take me a while to decide.

    Any advice from people who've been where I am would be greatly appreciated, or anyone with an unbiased opinion.

    If I do go to uni, I'll probably apply to study Medicine.
    If you're clever enough to study medicine you're too good to do modelling... why pursue a career based on selling your image when you could save lives?
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    You can model after uni as one of my boyfriends housemates has gone on to be a model after studying psychology and has appeared in magazines such as Bizarre.

    But studying something like Medicine cannot be a back-up degree, you need to be dedicated to it. And what would your plan be if you were able to model full time for a year and suddenly stopped getting offers? It's a fickle business, things could easily change.
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    Do whichever you feel more passionate about - no point going into medicine if you aren't 100% dedicated, it's extremely difficult, and no point going full time into modelling if you're going to regret not going to university.


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