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Swapping modules between Further Maths and Add. Further Maths

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    Hey guys.

    Does anyone know if it's possible that the board (Edexcel) would switch and swap the modules around to suit me? For example, putting M4 in my Further Maths modules instead of the Additional Maths ones and M3 in Add. Further Maths etc. to get a better grade in Further Maths? Hope you can understand what I'm getting at


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    They definitely do arrange the modules to a set purpose.

    I only know that Maths takes priority over Further Maths (since I am not doing Additional)

    Modules will be placed so that the highest possible grade in Maths will be achieved first, but of course with the best outcome for your Further Maths at this grade.

    I would assume that the same is true for Further Maths, but I am not sure of it.

    That being said, since any module 2 or above counts towards the A* in Further Maths, if your M4 would achieve this but M3 not, I believe they would arrange it so that your A* in Further Maths is achieved.

    You should ask your teacher whether Further Maths is considered the next most important I guess
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    Thanks for the detailed reply

    I figured that's how it probably worked but I wasn't sure as someone mentioned not being able to use M1 FM and M2 in Maths etc, but I guess they'll become a bit more lenient as the modules get tougher..

    I would ask my teachers but none of them have/had taught Further Maths A2 before, yet alone Additional Further Maths so I doubt they know themselves

    Thanks though, very helpful.


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