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Is dancing the weirdest human behaviour?

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    I was sitting there, having a drink and watching other people on the dance floor and it suddenly dawned on me just how ridiculous everyone looked.

    I saw Comical, pantomimic movements -- which were sometimes accompanied with bizarre facial grimaces.

    people were zombie like as they bobbed up and down following the same pattern routines.

    I felt really uncomfortable looking at these people. The whole scene looked really alien all of a sudden. I felt embarrassed even.

    Certainly, most people look uncomfortable dancing so I can't be the only one who thinks that dancing is weird? Surely there are others who think the same way but go along with it just to get along and Fit in?

    Maybe you refuse to dance?.....Be interesting to hear from those who do refuse. If so, what are your reasons?
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    My thoughts exactly.
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    I generally don't dance unless I'm drunk. And yes, now that you mention it, dancing is a very weird human behaviour. A modern-day attempt at a mating call; a remnant of mankind's base instincts?
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    If you're talking about the typical dancing behaviour in clubs and parties... Then yes. I also find it slightly surreal and embarrassing to witness sometimes.

    However, people who can actually dance, I admire Not so much of a mating call but an expression on oneself through coordinated movements :pierre:
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    Were they all drunk? I always laugh at drunk people dancing, it looks so funny. The people who aren't dancing well are uncomfortable if the person looks, I have seen some good dancing though.
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    Are you saying that Pudsey can't dance?
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    Animals can express themselves through dance; it's a natural phenomena, not a social one.

    The weirdest human behaviour is saying 'what' even though you heard what the person said.
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    Animals dance. Google it.
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    Does nobody remember the woman who put the cat in the wheelie bin? lol

    I don't think dancing is the WEIRDEST human behaviour.

    I do see where you're coming from though. There isn't any point to it, it's just fun at the time I guess.

    I only dance when I'm drunk though and even then I don't really enjoy it. And it's not like I can actually dance properly. I can't be certain but I'm pretty sure I just wobble about on my heels wiggling my bum. I did quite used to enjoy it when I was 16-18 and was nearly always completely determined to stay out until 4am when the lights came on in the club lol

    I don't completely refuse to dance but since being quite ill on a night out (mild food poisoning and couldn't go home til 12 - long story) I'd avoid nightclubs now.

    Something about feeling ill, spending half the night in the loo, only being able to think about how I should be at home and being pushed and shoved and having sore feet while sober kind of opened to my eyes to how crap it all is.

    Now I'd much rather go to a pub and have a chat and a laugh with friends over a couple of drinks or have a night in with friends or a boyfriend, cook some nice food and watch a couple of good DVDs with a big blanket lol. It's also cheaper and you don't get a hangover. To be honest I've gone off getting drunk full stop really. How boring do I sound right now? And I'm only 19.. but I guess I started at an early age haha..
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    I refuse to dance on principle. It feels ridiculous, but more importantly, most of the music clubs and other dance venues play is horrendous. Dancing feels like an endorsement of whatever music is playing. I will never stoop so low as to dance to Skrillex, Ke$ha, J-Lo or any other awful 'artist' (used in the loosest possible sense of the word).
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    What about pedantry?
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    Best way to answer that is see a bunch of people stomping around on a dance floor when the music suddenly stops, as i have done - its a surreal sight to behold
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    When I was younger I would refuse to dance. I kind of wanted to, but I was worried about looking cool. At some point I quit worrying about how I looked and started concentrating on how I felt. I started dancing at parties/clubs with friends, and I even later took ballroom dance lessons with my wife. I love to dance. You might not think I look cool but I can guarantee to you that I feel :cool:.
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    The Romans thought dancing was immoral :teehee:
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    I think dance as an art is incredible.

    It is funny watching the dancefloor from the sidelines, you can tell exactly who's looking for a bit o' fun and who's not.

    I used to hate dancing because I was so self-conscious... now I'm the opposite.

    I tend to just go for it when I'm out, I love having a good dance. Girls looking to pull tend to dance in a more posey, self-conscious way, whereas we just go all out - and no one approaches us because we probably look like freaks but oh well! I don't do it as a 'mating call' lol because most guys in clubs are dreadful, plus I mean I'm not really into 'pulling', bit over it...
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    i dont think it matters what you look like when you dance, as long as your having a good time and not hurting anyone then go for it. you can tell the people that are having a good time in a club cos they dont care what other people think when seeing them dance and are just being themself and having fun, nothing wrong with that. i probably look like an idiot when i dance in pubs and clubs, i can dance properly as i used to do dance lessons and have done a few competitions and exams in it (just little ones through school years ago), but when im on a night out i just dont care really, im just there to have fun with my friends. its the ones who are constantly looking around and look really unsure and nervous that i feel look weirder in clubs, rather than the ones who let themselves go with the music and do what feels natural to them.

    though i did get an amusing chat up line once because of it- in a pub that we are regulars, dancing away with a few friends. i go to the bar for a drink and a while im waiting ti be served a guy says to me "youre dancing is terrible, maybe we should get a drink and discuss it further". i didnt take him up on it but it did make me giggle at the time.
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    (Original post by katles)
    If you're talking about the typical dancing behaviour in clubs and parties... Then yes. I also find it slightly surreal and embarrassing to witness sometimes.

    However, people who can actually dance, I admire Not so much of a mating call but an expression on oneself through coordinated movements :pierre:
    This, I have a friend who does 40s swing dancing, it's so amazing!
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    I think the purpose is for; entertainment, fun, to impress and attract people (usually of the opposite sex).
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    I work in a health club / gymnasium and one thing I can tell you is people look STUPID while dancing. I find it amusing and offensive. We have dance classes daily, and it's just really messed up if you stop and obeserve for a moment.


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