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If alcohol is banned will you . .

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    The world is living in s bad economic situation and many countries unemployment rate is growing day by day. I'm just wondering would you not move to country (x) or have a vacation in this country just because alcohol is banned in the country ?


    yes or no ?
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    I'd just continue drinking water, or is that not drastic enough for you?
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    What does the first sentence have to do with the second?
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    If alcohol is banned in Britain I'd leave tomorrow. I'd not want more than 3-4 days in a country without alcohol, although I can survive for up to a week without it.
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    (Original post by Alofleicester)
    What does the first sentence have to do with the second?
    or the title for that matter!
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    I'd probably try and rise above it and abstain, and then give in and slither off to another country to be pathetically, but happily reunited with Beer. <3
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    I wouldn't really care.

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    Is there actually any country in the world in which alcohol isn't banned for religious reasons?
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    I'd buy it on the black market which would be sure to develop + it would make drinking more interesting because its starting to get as mundane as hell
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    (Original post by illusionz)
    or the title for that matter!
    Also, with the question being would you not... Is yes or no the answer for continued inebriation?

    Besides, banning beer? Fetch my hat.
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    Meh. The world would be better off without the stuff, to be honest.
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    I wouldn't move, I don't drink much anyway. I'd disagree with a ban though in any case and people would just get it on the black market. Wine and that can easily be made so people would just resort to doing that and/or selling it.
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    I'd leave the second I heard it was banned. I'm not a crazy alcoholic but **** me being a student would be so boring for me without booze.
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    I'd buy a stock car and start bootlegging.

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    Nahhh, I only drink to lubricate my personality, and I guess if like everyone wasn't drinking, I wouldn't need to.
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    life needs alcohol to make it exciting.
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    I wouldn't care.

    (Original post by longchamp)
    life needs alcohol to make it exciting.
    You must live a pretty dull life then.
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    This isn't Twitter.

    As for your question, no, I wouldn't be that bothered.
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    Aside from the mass corruption as all levels of law enforcement take active roles in bootlegging?

    I guess it wouldn't effect me that much as I'm a social drinker.


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