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AQA AS BUSS2 - 21/05/12 - discussion

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    hey ppl can sum1 plz tell me how to create a thread for ICT coz im newly registered in TSR. Thanks
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    kinda fudged up on productivity i thought the employees would be 40 and got like 108 tonnes ohwell already got a C and 2 As for Buss1 and buss3. Now looking forward nervously to Accn3 and accn4 + BUSS4
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    Do they offer buss3 in january or is it only taken in the summer
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    (Original post by stevedawson)
    hahah ive only just signed up to the student room today and now getting free bacon sandwiches f*** a levels my life is now complete.
    y r u guys still taking as in yr 13
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    (Original post by SteveDawson)

    UMS converter to find out the grade boundaries
    No way! That's put me in a great mood now! I've been getting near enough 100% UMS in my mock exams using this converter. Cheers!
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    Can some1 tell me if u can take the exam in jaunuary that in buss3
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    (Original post by bradfriedal24)
    Can some1 tell me if u can take the exam in jaunuary that in buss3

    yh u can
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    (Original post by chaiwing213)
    Actually for the price elasticity question, we could try to insert different percentage into the formula so as to prove that -2.0 is price elastic. For instance, the percentage change in price is 5% whereas 10% for Quantity demand. As a result, the Ped should be 0.10 / 0.05 = 2

    For price inelastic, the denominator (change in Price) is greater than that of numerator (Change in Quantity demanded), Accordingly, the result should not be greater than 1. E.g. 0.05/0.10 = 1/2 -> Never exceeds 1
    If remember i used the elasticity for a pro reasons for the increase in price rise as it will result in less customers and seeing that the capacity was already full resulting in customer disatisfaction. The reduction on numbers means they can concentrate on offering better service resulting in improved reputation and repeated visits which may exceed that through increase in price.

    Does that sound reasonable?
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    (Original post by SteveDawson)

    UMS converter to find out the grade boundaries
    I just noticed that the grade boundaries for January 2012 were really low because the exam had some errors like not giving figures to do calculations and not giving clear questions, so this year it probably wont be this low i m thinking around 60 raw marks for an A.
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    Screwed up elasticity of demand saying its inelastic , still optomistic as i included points about my false PED in one question
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    (Original post by jonathanyyt)
    Pretty easy paper, was better than I expected it to be. I'm guessing an A would be 55/56 raw, B would be 49/50 raw and full UMS around 65-ish. I'm riding on a 100% UMS in Unit 1 so I think I'm much guaranteed an A for the AS, getting full UMS on this one would be a huge bonus for A2. Pretty confident on getting an A.

    Just some stuff I put on the questions:

    1 a) Solutions to poor levels of customer service: nearly read the whole thing wrong and was about to write the causes/reasons for this one. Methods were like getting pressure of staff, but I couldn't remember what I put already. :P

    1 b) Delegating budgets: Positives are motivational, managers know the situation of individual sites, negatives are lack of market research (budget for that has shrunk by 1.5 million) causes inaccuracy, inexperience in managers, etc.

    1 c) Should price be set 10% above competitors: Yes, TT Ltd wants to offer 'unique experience', quality might be a USP and price reflects that. No, price is elastic (-2.0) and will lose customers.

    1 d) Effectiveness of piece rate (which is what the method described was): Yes according to Taylor, higher customer numbers = more revenue. No because causes extra stress, staff are already dissatisfied.

    2 a) Labour productivity: 4320/60 = 72 tonnes of mussels per worker/employee

    2 b) Marketing mix: Promotion, unknown to European market, needs heavy marketing. Price, might need to use penetration pricing to gain market share in new market. I only write those two and extended on them.

    2 c) TQM: Yes because reduces wastage, takes time to harvest mussels so company needs to avoid wastage. No because workforce hasn't been consulted, might be reluctant to change, costs a lot.

    2 d) Cash flow VS profitability: This question has come up like 3 times already?! The values are pretty much all there. Not going into detail for that.
    Would you say that
    1d) May encourage the workers to cut corner on health and safety and that the staff are already on decent wages and want to be motivated through job rotation and reduced workload.

    2c) Adv: Includes an 'extensive' training period which may result in employees feeling more valued and want to repay the 'investment'
    dis adv: A TQM system that was introduced in Scotland didnt work
    The £1 million expenditure may be too risky considering they made over a £2million loss and owe over £6 million in bank loans

    BTW these are just individual parts to questions, i did write another adv for 2c) etc
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    (Original post by jwillson)
    got 76 ums in unit 1 so only need 84 for an A :P
    OH is it 160 UMS for an A out of 200??
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    (Original post by jonathanyyt)
    FYI in my school 10 others (yr 10) are doing Business Studies AS as well this year. In BUSS1, 7 got A (including me and another who got full UMS, the other guy got 1 extra raw then me, iirc I got 51 and he got 52), 2 got B and 2 got C. They all say this paper is much better (probably their exam technique has improved as well) and are confident about this paper. 4 of them are dropping out though, of course I'm going on to A2! Starting on every Thursday, no study leave= more content finished before yr 11 in Sep = more time to revise

    Hey John.

    Guess who it is here?
    Come on......

    And I just realized i answered the question as delegating in general, not specifically budgets.
    I suppose quite a bit of stuff still applies. I.e. - movitation and if my analysis and application are up to scratch, I only lose content marks.

    BTW Don't give out my result pls

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    (Original post by jonathanyyt)

    PeD cannot be positive. A increase in price. must result in a decrease in demand and vice versa, it's just how much it changes which affect the value, not the minus sign. Of course that's in business I'm not sure about Economics though. :P
    Well it can. If it is positive it means that an increase in price will increase the demand if such a situation were to occur. I.e. - for extreme luxury products, a higher price might increase the perceived value, and therefore demand


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