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How long does a provisional driving license take to arrive?

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    Say if I sent it off tomorrow? I know it says online but people have varying experiences, so just wondering?
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    First one of mine took under 2 weeks. Replacement took 3 days, ordered it on the Sunday, had it by Wednesday morning and that has happened twice, I lose things on nights out.
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    Providing you live in mainland UK, it should take no more than two weeks.
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    mine took around ten days, so it should be safe to wait 1-2 weeks?
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    My boyfriend applied for his over a month ago and still hasn't got it, but he is diabetic so they have to do checks with his doctor and stuff.

    Mine took about a week and a half.
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    I have 6 weeks n still nothing
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    I received mine within 3 weeks I think!

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    Can someone to tell me how longeI need to wait pls?
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    I find with most licenses, logbook, tax related issues its often best to just go to the DVLA fill out the necessary paperwork there and then and hand it over to someone you can acknowledge by name, that way you've got the estimate from the horses mouth as it were.

    I recently changed address twice (moved house and it had sever damp damage/plumbing problems) anyway I had to change my log book and driving licence details, first time I sent them off took over a month (in Northern Ireland btw duno if thats any better or worse) second time I took them to the belfast office (also needed a tax disc) everything arrived within the week, so yeah lol.

    unfortunately though most tax offices are in major cities/locations and so forth so it mightent be the best course of action
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    What is the maximum of receiving the provisional driving license?
    Can someone tell me please 😥

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    It's been a while but mine came surprisingly fast. That, and the replacement when I lost it a week later lol.
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    To be honest on this Tuesday I done 5 weeks so next Tuesday I do 6 weeks

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    I think mine took about 2 weeks, although it was a few years ago...
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    Sure you've sent off all the relevant things? Photo etc, mine took about a week for them to send me a form to send a photo with as I didn't want my passport one to be used, then 2-3 weeks after I sent that I got it. Something like that anyway, but I applied for it as soon as I could so it was there when I turned 17.

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    About 3 weeks.
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    It was nearly two years ago now so I'm not exactly sure but I think it took between 1-2 weeks to arrive for me.
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    I'm sure I done evrything
    But I'm still waiting

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    Mine took 2 weeks for them to send back the form for the photo, and then another two weeks for them to send the complete provisional back.
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    Received it in under two weeks including having to send them a new photo, for some reason they didn't let me transfer the one from my passport.
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    (Original post by Palushi1991)
    I'm sure I done evrything
    But I'm still waiting

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    Phone up the DVLA


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Updated: March 3, 2016
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