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Your cost of learning to drive (put my mind at rest)

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    (Original post by affinity89)

    Can't remember how much the provisional was as I bought that over 5 years ago [for the first 4.5 years, it was used purely as ID for clubs lol].
    Ditto! haha

    My mum paid £800 in two installments for my driving lessons. It means I can take however many lessons I need to pass my driving test, and should I pass fairly quickly I get to do Pass Plus as well. But 1 year later....I still haven't done my driving test and there were months when he didn't give me any lessons, other times it was just 1 lesson every 2 weeks so it was hopeless. Not a good idea at all.

    £90 for first 5 hours
    £1200 for further 55 hours
    £31 theory
    £61 practical

    = £1382

    Plus about a tenner on a theory book and iPhone app

    Then about £150 on Pass Plus.

    My grandad paid for about half of all that though

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    Around £2000.00 but that is with four different instructors and two failed tests.

    (Original post by Kim-x)
    I'd guess I spent close to £3,500. 1 theory test and 2 practical tests so hardly any of it went on test fees.

    £3500?! How much lessons did you take? 200?

    (Original post by VtecMB3)
    £3500?! How much lessons did you take? 200?
    I lost count. Should have given two instructors the boot long before I did, so much money wasted. Spent under £500 on lessons with the instructor I passed with.

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    **** happens.

    Mine was £1200 altogether.. including theory + practical...and probably getting the provisional as well.


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Updated: June 24, 2012
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