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Do you know how much your parents earn?

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    I know what 1 parent earn/I know vaguely what they earn

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    (Original post by JessicaUk)
    Indeed! Plus the top end of the market is very highly paid...maybe they should start offering a degree in it :-) xx
    Tell me about it...
    Last night left a real hole in my wallet :/ xx
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    (Original post by Fires)
    Do you mean spending your money, or spending their money?
    My money, i never ask for anything from them.
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    (Original post by bahjat93)
    I'm just happy that you took it as a joke
    Hahahahaha of course
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    I know what my fathers hourly wage is only because I heard him discussing it with my mother when he got a payrise. He has never directly discussed it with me nor do I know his annual salary. To me, it is none of my business. My mother is unemployed.


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