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john lewis assessment tomorrow

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    Does anyone know what the dress code for the assessment is? I dont own a blazer is it mandatory?
    Also has anyone recently had an assessment day know what questions they will ask?
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    Were is this assessment for? I applied to John Lewis Liverpool on the 10th still have not heard anything back yet? how long do they take to get back to you? Don't think a blazer will be mandatory you just need to look smart!
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    Oxford street.
    they are meant to email you
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    they took abou a week and a half to reply
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    I worked at john lewis over christmas, and at the assessment day everyone just wore black smart, you dont have to wear a blazer, i just wore a smart skirt with a chiffon white top with a black cardigan...the assessment thing is just to see what you know about john lewis (so i suggest you remember a few facts from wikipedia ) then you go in groups and sell an item they give you to that group (all while you are being observed) ..its actually quite fun :/ haha ..hope it goes well


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Updated: May 22, 2012
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