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OCR Music AS May 21st 2012

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    How did everyone find this?
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    Was OK

    Although I answered all the questions when you're not supposed to by accident

    What about you?
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    Much better than I expected but I did make a couple of silly mistakes. So glad that the Beethoven didn't come up! For the listening section do you remember what chord sequence you put?
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    How on earth did you finish on time if you answered all the questions?! :eek:
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    I believe I did I, IV, V7/B, V.

    might not have been right though :/
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    What set works did you get? (I'm a nosey Y13)...
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    I don't remember there being a IV. Hmmm...
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    Vivaldi bassoon concerto in Em
    Haydn Drumroll Symphony
    Beethoven violin concerto in D

    Louis Armstrong Alligator Crawl
    Charlie Parker Koko
    Miles Davis It Ain't Necessarily So

    The jazz works chage next year though...
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    (Original post by Winterharpy)
    I don't remember there being a IV. Hmmm...

    I know I used the chords in this order:

    Chord I, Chord ?, Chord V7/b, Chord V

    Hehe :P
    After the first hour, I realised I was running out of time and began to panic. So I rushed and did everything - hurting hand now :/ It was only towards the end of the exam paper when I looked on the front to find the question instructions

    Should be OK though, people have said they either mark the first set or mark your best


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Updated: May 21, 2012
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