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Should I Buy Skyrim?

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    (Original post by venenecinema)
    Yes, after 400 hours of gametime you have nothing to do.
    Not arguing with you or anything but I just loaded up my skyrim save and I my playtime is

    That save has every house, every mask , every daedric weapon lke the special ones and every quest. the only thing it's not is max level/stats.

    (Original post by kingkongjaffa)
    Not arguing with you or anything but I just loaded up my skyrim save and I my playtime is

    That save has every house, every mask , every daedric weapon lke the special ones and every quest. the only thing it's not is max level/stats.
    There is no way that you have done every single sidequest in the game, it is physically impossible to do that in under 200 hours unless you are using console entries.

    Only buy it if you're willing to say goodbye to your social life!

    I have currently clocked over 200 hours on it. I can't emphasise enough: GET S*** DONE FIRST!

    Honestly I wouldn't. It kills so much of your free time it's not even funny. I would much rather get a game that you can pick up and play, and be able to stop playing whenever you want. Skyrim requires a huge time investment and you will end up neglecting other areas of your life.

    I have no doubt that Skyrim has caused many people across the world to fail their summer exams. Luckily I stopped playing just in time.

    It's a good quality game and will most likely draw you in and keep you thoroughly entertained for more than a few hours, but it's not -that- good.

    The combat is very chunky. The items, skills and spells that you get introduced to feel like they have a lot of depth in them when you first start out, but they actually don't. Gaining levels and improving your gear feels rather pointless since the monsters in game level up with you, so if you improve your heavy armour skill and put on a full set of the next tier, the things you're fighting now hit slightly harder and so you're back where you started. Dungeons are refreshing for a while since some of the puzzles are quite clever, but they start getting reused very early on which is a shame.

    It's essentially the same for every part of the game that you care to think of. It starts off feeling great with lots of promise and then becomes redundant, irritating and repetitive. The important thing I guess is that it -does- feel great for a while, so based on that alone it's probably better than 95% of other games you could get, but more than likely you'll hit a brick wall where you come to a sudden realisation that it's actually not as good as you thought it was going to be.

    I mostly used to play FPS games too. Since buying skyrim many months ago I've still not played anything else. Though while at university I've not had my ps3 with me. Anyways, I've spent nearly 100 hours on it during the christmas and easter holidays and there's still a LOT more to go so it is good value for money and a great game.
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    I haven't bought it yet. The sunny weather means gaming's been the last thing on my mind 100 hours is a hell of a long time playing a video game, not sure I'm up for it tbh :P I'll wait and see though...

    (Original post by JollyJelly)
    I was in GAME today (rewarding myself for having just 2 exams left, like you do. ;p ) I picked up Uncharted 3 having played the previous 2 and loved them. I saw Skyrim on the shelf and nearly bought it but didn't in the end.

    I've been reading a lot about The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Now from what I've heard it's awesome and addictive, which sounds great, however, I usually only play FPS. I'm really not sure whether I like the idea of having no structure and running around wherever I want. It sounds fun obviously, but I don't spend that much time gaming so I thought 1 of 3 things would happen if I bought Skyrim:

    -I love it and become a video game addict, since there's not really an ending unlike other games I've played.

    -I carry on with my usual gaming habits and therefore only rack up a few hours on it. The max hours I've had on any game is like, 25 so wouldn't it be a bit of a waste on a game like Skyrim?

    -Running around with so much to do overloads the system and it bores me a bit (never play magic/WoW like games.)

    I know you're probably thinking 'option 1 doesn't sound too bad' and video games are really fun, but I already do too many time consuming hobbies as it is.

    So if you think a really casual gamer like me would love skyrim some reasons why it would be a good purchase would be appreciated. (:
    It is good, my only problem with it was, how easy it was to level up your skills, it wasn't really challenging. Also the main story was a lot shorter in comparison to Oblivion.

    Well I've played both Morrowind and Oblivion, and Skyrim is just " so so" : /
    Morrowind is epic,it is not comparable to its sequels; Oblivion seems like an incomplete beta, and Skyrim.. is complete, but not really deep in any aspect.
    Story, gameplay ecc., everything is ok but not overwhelming.
    As someone also said before, it gets easy fast, especially if you are familiar with rpg and levelling-character games in general.
    Even on Master difficulty I found it to be boring, also because all the side quests end the same: kill this, kill that, steal this, kill that, take the object to him, kill that, and on and on again and again.


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