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Find the answers: Edexcel GCSE maths unofficial mark scheme 05-05-2016
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    Black coffee is the best, it makes me hyperactive. I like stereotyping , we are told to imagine old balding men who are bored, it is meant to resemble a game and the marks are points/goals. I don't deal with pressure very well, I have had many crying episodes because I'm so nervous ( cliché feminine response to stress). I couldn't cope with a medicine course, I'd end up committing suicide, but people have suggested I pursue a career in the medical field. I want to go to a Russell group university, preferably Birmingham but I will be looking at Manchester, Cambridge and Oxford too But they are all so hard to get into, I might just end up at my local uni which isn't very reputable.
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    I've never been properly hyper before, i feel like i'm missing out D: Wow that's a really confusing game :s awww bless :3 the people at my school (being a boys' school) just hit other people when they're stressed, so i think your ways a bit better.. hmm maybe you shouldn't go into medicine then, a lot of people think that if you're smart you should automatically be a doctor, but it really isn't for everyone. That's cool :) don't do that! that'd be giving up, and you don't seem like a giver-upper to me ;)
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    You aren't missing out on very much , you get a boost of energy which is a massive rush and then you fall back down which means you lose more energy than you had in the beginning so you're in a more disadvantaged position. Being in an all girls school means there is a lot of drama, tears and arguments with teachers.I'm not the type to argue but year 11 makes me angry and I have bantered with some of the most authoritative figures in my school.Cringe. Medicine is a very complex course and you have to take BMATs and UKCATs any way which is additional exams . Medicine isn't for me but I really love science. I'm a motivated person. You don't seem like a giver-upper to me either but we might be competing with each other for university places.
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    :hello: Welcome to TSR!

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    Thank you
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    Oh well, i'd still like to try it. I'm sure it is, my friends at the girls' school down the road are always so bitchy, it's unbelievable. Well it's almost over, so soon you'll be all happy again. It is indeed, but i think i'm ready. brb food
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    Of course, university will be about experimentation and adventure especially. My school is extremely bitchy, some of the most outrageous things happening here include fake pregnancy and abortion, young mothers, students featuring in videos with explicit content etc. You seem prepared, what are your predicted grades?
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    It is indeed. Oh and going back to your earlier point (
    (Original post by Foreverneek)
    we might be competing with each other for university places.
    ) that's a rather negative way of looking at it, i'd like to think we were applying to go to university together :3 wow a lot goes on at your school, we just have shed-loads of fights i think i am prepared, aren't you? and i have a lot:
    A*s in the sciences, english and music
    As in maths, graphics, rs, pe and Astronomy
    and B in geography

    what're yours?
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    I'm a realist although I think applying to go to uni together would be cool but we are little fish in a big pond. There is so much more competition out there it worries me. Our school is quite different , people call us hoes on the hill, it makes me laugh ,we have such a bad reputation. I'm semi prepared . I have A*s in the sciences, maths, history, citizenship, business studies, short course p.e, German and A's in product design and the English's. You're really intelligent :O I envy your English grades.
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    fair enough.. i guess it would be pretty good to know someone else going to the same university so at least the first few days wouldn't completely suck :p well with those grades i wouldn't worry about any competition. wow that's funny, the girls' school here is on a hill.. how coincidental :p Those grades are amazing :D so many A*s, 'tis I who is jealous of you. Thanks, you too. And you can have my Enlgish grades if I can have your maths ones ;)
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    I can imagine it, we wouldn't be lonely and look like losers You should know by now that I am very obsessed over my education so I have analysed stalking pages on here, some of the applicants have 11 A*s at GCSE and 4 A*s at A level, it is astonishing and once again makes me anxious. Your welcome to my maths grade, I did the linear edexcel exam got a B on first try at early entry, I retook and got and A* by the skin of my teeth , I screamed like a banshee and ran around like a headless chicken. I would gladly rob you of your English grades, I try and try and it's not possible to get an A*.
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    Yup that's ok, at least your not a chav have you seen the Cambridge stalking one? for the course i wanna go on, the guy got 8A*s and 5As at gcse :O i just end up feeling terrible, but hopefully i'll make up for it with volunteer work etc. Well if the exams weren't so close i'd offer to help you with english in exchange for you helping me with maths (which i struggle to get A's in) but the english exam is this thursday, so there's not much i can help you with in such short time..
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    How do you know I'm not a chav ? I have seen it, it is really intimidating especially for the popular courses. Don't feel terrible just think of those who don't achieve the grades that you get or will get Volunteering will get you noticed and because your Dad is a doctor you have links which will make you stand out . Which maths exam board are you with because Edexcel is so inconsistent your grade can fluctuate. I have 3 English exams within the next few days blegh. Could you give me some tips ? Do you use the maths watch CD? They are pretty awesome.
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    A smart and rather nice chav? you'd be the first one i've met. but then i feel guilty because it's like i'm stealing their education D: besides, there are more people better than me than there are spaces at Cambridge, especially from all the private schools (and you as well) -.- Yeah, also i've done a bit of work experience at a pharmacy and i'm going to get a job there when i turn 16 i'm with ocr i think (maybe aqa, but i don't think so). I can indeed, what would you like to know? i do, and they're really helpful: i'm sure they've taught me more than my actual teacher!
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    OK so I'm not a chav. I'm actually a 50 year old man who enjoys stalking teenagers :| Don't feel guilty because of your own success , some people were made to succeed and progress. But social life and BMAT/UKCAT scores are taken into consideration too, there is many factors that contribute to the status of your application . I did work experience at a pharmacy, but it was only small so I didn't get the full experience of working there, it was rather boring . OCR is rubbish. No offence I want to know anything you want to share, how you structure your answers ? and other stuff . The voice is irritating but it is effective.
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    Ahh why does this keep happening! every time i meet a nice girl, she turns out to be a 50 year old paedo... yeah but that's not fair, that just because i was born as a smart person i should get more than people who work really hard and get lower grades i'm not saying i won't apply for good uni's or anything, just that there'll always be a pang of guilt.. Awesome! mine was small too, but pretty good (mostly 'cause the staff was lovely and about my age, and also the boss was really nice). And what makes you say that? i think it's pretty good, but then i think edexcel sucks seeing as the only exam i'm doing with them is p.e. short course, which is mind-numbingly easy! Umm.. PEE (point evidence explanation), but when doing a comparison i use PEEE (point evidence other-evidence explantion).. Generally when i'm essay writing i always start with an introduction, do a few paragraphs (depending on how many marks are up for grabs and how much time there is) and finish up with a conclusion. I'm happy to share anything, so just ask away and yeah, the quality of the videos is pretty bad too considering how much money she could make off them ;p
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    Maybe it is your destiny to be the victim of a paedophile ? People with lower grades can still get good jobs with decent salaries but it will be in lower/less important sectors of work.People often feel intimidated by my "smartness" and on those occasions I do feel bad and guilty especially when they are my friends. The majority of staff were pleasant however the boss was rude and abrupt, it ruined the experience for me . After the P.E exam can we exchange answers ? What section of poetry did you study and what prose/short stories did you learn ? The quality is poor and the phrases are repeated which gets on my nerves even further , "when you're ready press pause..."
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    Well you had better hurry up then, 'cause in about 16 days i'll be 16 so you won't technically be able to victimize me ;p Maybe... idk, i'm sure they'll be fine on their own... don't worry, it takes a lot to be as smart as you are so you kinda deserve to show it off once in a while, regardless of what other people think. oh, that sucks :/ yeah sure i'm doing the conflict cluster in the 'moon on the tides' anthology (on AQA). haha i just skip past the bit when she tells you to pause it. Also she seems to talk to me as though i'm an idiot, like really slowly -.- sorry about slow reply btw, my brother nicked the computer :|
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    16 days is a long enough time for me to track you down ,locate you and abduct you for my own benefit. They will be fine, they may not have the same intellect but they have skills and knowledge that will aid them throughout their life. I'm smart because of my childhood and reading hobby, I don't like to show off as I feel like I'm rubbing it in. Yeah my work experience wasn't the utopia I initially thought it would be , it was a let down but I know I don't want to go into pharmaceuticals .I'm doing relationships in the edexcel anthology I skip it but it is effort and sometimes I can't reach the button fast enough. The voice is patronising,I agree however on difficult topics it can be helpful although the company could have differentiated the voices occasionally. So you have a brother? more information for me to store and use to make you my victim. I have a sister and a brother, he has autism .I'm going to go to bed because I am exhausted, good night and sweet dreams
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    Well I look forward to fulfilling my destiny. I certainly hope so, I feel rather sorry for them at times... But you're right, they'll be fine yeah but that's like people doing well in sports, or me playing solos in concerts; if you have a talent or gift, you should use it as much as possible! Aww you lucky thing, the conflict cluster is so depressing, two of the poems almost lead to me tearing up in class yeah, but in deputed it's flaws overall maths watch is pretty amazing! And I'm now excited about meeting my stalker, so you'd better not disappoint! ;p goodnight! (even though you'll probably read this in the morning...)

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