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    yeah but we're a top set english class, and thus only quietly giggle to ourselves every time our teacher says to remember tits to prove our high maturity. You are indeed aha i knew it (seeing as i'm doing the same, just staring at the cpu screen for a minute then deciding p.e. is too boring and time-wasting that it'd be more productive to get up and drink some juice, which is what i do aww thanks At least you didn't see it first hand; fortunately the chlorine did the job of burning my eyes for me.. I liked it too, it's just i'm a bit rubbish at racket sports (but good at cricket... funny how that works), and if you watch old people play badminton, there is little to know movement required, and when there is it's usually just to pick up the shuttle. And good, 'cause i rather like who you say you are so it'd be pretty disappointing if you weren't ;3
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    It is really awkward , I've been there, done that and got the t shirt, my teacher gave a talk about prostate cancer and male problems while indulging in sexual activity , it was so humiliating . I'm trying to revise but this damn forum is so distracting and anything seems better than the reality that tomorrow I have a P.E exam . It's like when you're bored and you go to the fridge and eat all the time, drinking all the time only results in me having to go to the toilet more frequently . I'm rubbish at all sport but I chose canoeing which I got 10/10 for and netball which I got 7/10 in , apparently I demonstrated a sporting ability yet my grades are so erratic all it shows is that I got lucky with the invigilator. When have you watched old people play badminton ? There is no movement required because they are old and probably crippled enough that they can't move properly, for younger people I think it's a bit more energetic. I like who you say you are too, even though I've now known you for only 2 days
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    Oh dear that sounds like an interesting conversation... Did he not realise you were a girl going to a girls' school and so probably wouldn't be very interested in that kinda stuff? I guess I'm not helping either, maybe I should stop talking.... That's pretty cool, I've never been canoeing, but it looks like fun oh sometimes they play while we're doing karate (we rent out half the hall, them the other half) and it looks pretty relaxed, even though they're all sweaty by the end aw thanks, and the amount we've been writing has got to be more than two days worth ;3

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    It was so unexpected and half the class were in hysterics. He isn't the type of teacher to talk about premature ejaculation and incontinence and it was so blasé and he said it with such normalcy we couldn't help but laugh. He expects more maturity from us and often talks about unusual topics (this was in science/physics) but this was out of the blue. Canoeing was fun, it was over two days and we had to capsize and I almost accidentally killed myself via drowning. Nice, sweating old people must look attractive. It does feel like we have been talking for ages and I have actually spoken to you more than my other friends over the past few days which says something
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    Wow that really is weird did something lead into it, or did you just walk in and he began his... Lecture? loving the vocab btw, I've never heard the term blasé at our school we don't get that, seeing as most of our teachers are actually more immature than some of us at times.. Like once when I said something rather ambiguous in geography (I can't remember what it was, something that involved some sort of sexual reference) and the entire class burst into laughter, including the teacher.. I just sat there staring at her, like an "I expected more from you" kinda stare ;p nice one, see if I would've been around I could've jumped in and saved you and looked like a hero oh they really do, the sweat pouring down the red wrinkles of their aged faces...
    And yeah it does, it's like you're already one of my best friends

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    No we were learning about the uses of ultrasound when he broached the topic. Everyone was doing the smiling into your palm and turning your head away thing. My vocabulary is too extensive , I don't know where I learnt that word from. My science teacher is one of the strictest and he treats us like college students but as secondary school pupils we still retain our immaturity and child like qualities. How I wish I was a fly on the wall when that happened , it sounds funny and the fact you obviously didn't realise until after you said it only adds to the humour, I can just imagine you with a blank face just staring at the teacher Yeah I would of liked you to save me , you're very good at vivid imagery What happened to going to bed early ? Awww, stop being sweet, it makes me embarrassed but you're one of mine too, I've never had a best cyber friend before .
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    Oh dear, I doubt I'd be able to control myself tbh ;p well an extensive vocabulary is better than a limited one (and maybe you made the word up ;') well he sounds like a fun person to be around ;p I don't have any really strict teachers, so I'm afraid I can't really empathise to be fair if I wouldn't have been staring at her and making her feel embarrassed I would've gone bright red, which would've made them laugh at me more hehe well I'll make sure I'm there next time then ;3 why thank you, but everyone can be good at creating imagery, it's really just a matter of being able to choose the right words to show what you mean (I kinda like to think of language as an art ) yeah clearly that hasn't worked... Oh well!
    I can't help it, I'm sweet to nice people :3 neither have I, but I'm sure it'll be nice (especially as my cyber best friend is you :')

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    I didn't control myself, I laughed so hard that it was silent, my face was beetroot red and he told me to grow up which made me laugh further, what would you have done ? I can see you shrinking into your seat as everyone laughed at you Not everyone is good at imagery, I'm crap, you articulate yourself well which presents the imagery in a better format. I was meant to revise but I have done 10 pages in 5 hours so that hasn't worked either. You never stick to what you say no matter how sure you are that you will remain motivated and fulfil what you set out to do . If you keep flattering me, my cheeks will be stained permanently red A cyber best friend sounds fascinating , when we first "spoke" all that was going through my head was rules of the internet, well you're my friend now, I've never made a friend so fast :')
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    Haha I can just picture that now I would've excused myself (bathroom or something) and then burst out laughing in the corridor! I didn't though, if you stand you're ground they get a bit bored of annoying you and the whole ordeal is over one heck of a lot quicker ;p yeah I guess, but you have a wider range of vocabulary than I do, so all you need to do is learn how to set out what you want to see and you'll be freaking people out with weird anecdotes before you know it! ;D well that's debatable, if what you say is really important and a commitment you know you have to keep, it isn't too hard carrying it out.. P.e. on the other hand is a subject that is incredibly hard to focus on thar be interesting, I might just have to keep on doing it now it does, doesn't it. aww me neither, but then I don't know a lot of people as nice as you

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    that'll* not thar, what thar even means

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    Whatever** I hate my iPod -.-

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    But would you not always be remembered for what happened that day? My friend said orgasm instead of organism and she has never lived it down.Vocabulary is pointless if you can't harness it , I can analyse and P.E.E but writing my own stuff is a whole other story, I might just have to practice. P.E bores me, we have a double lesson of theory only in which I seriously contemplate murdering my teacher, she is also well aware of my dislike for the subject. This could be why I'm struggling to focus and concentrate but I began with good intentions and now I'm socialising on the student room Have you seen how many people are reading our conversation, I feel rather exposed You are nicer than a lot of people I know, you also happen to be the only male friend I have , when I said I was socially inept I wasn't joking .
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    I probably would actually ;p lol i would really hate to make that mistake and harnessing it is the easy bit, remembering it all is hard.. Well they do say practice makes perfect, so I guess that's the way forward wow that's a bit extreme isn't it? ;p at least your teachers care, mine just give us past papers that we've already done and then don't even mark them -.- and some people in our year don't even have to do p.e. For some reason they were offered to drop it and not do the exam or anything oh sure, just blame your procrastination on me ;3 and I wouldn't worry about them, have you seen how long our messages are?? No one in their right mind would be bothered to read all of them aww thanks.. And don't worry about your social ineptness, you seem to be a lovely person so I don't really mind how often you go out or how many friends you have :')
    Anyway I think I'm going to go to sleep now, seeing as I'm struggling to keep my eyes open atm.. Sweet dreams, and goodluck with p.e. tomorrow!

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    I would die of humiliation, it is an easy mistake to make though , it will probably happen during A-level biology or something , shudder. I have a good memory however my brain is currently at full capacity. It's the same here , people dropped last year and now have a free period which is unfair, I didn't even choose short course PE. It's part of human nature to blame others , although this is the best procrastination I've done in a while ;D Our conversations seem to get more interesting as you progress, we talk about paedophiles which may encourage further reading. I have 6 important friends and a few normal friends and I have 1 cyber friend And you seem to be lovely and a genuinely nice person, I feel sad that you live far away. Do your sleeping , and I wish you the best of luck tomorrow, I'll think of you before I begin the exam and I'll imagine you somewhere at the same moment at your desk tired and exhausted after staying up late. Good night and good morning for tomorrow .
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    Hey, how did you find the pe test?
    And let's hope not, although now that you've said it, I'm probably gonna end up saying it to D: mine too, but I have to make room for other subjects i didn't choose it either, but I doubt I would've dropped it seeing as it isn't that hard.. I guess it is, and if I'm such a big distraction, maybe we shouldn't talk.. Joke, I couldn't stop talking to you if I tried :3 I haven counted my friends, but I have about 4-5 important ones, loads of others and you thanks, you too.. It does suck, but at least we're in the same country so don't have time zones to worry about (and we can text too :')

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    The test was relatively easy apart for the multiple choice on the shot put, sprinter and high jump people How did you find it ?Biology has already left my head ready for the chemistry. I have decided I will begin revision for chemistry and English at 6pm.I probably wouldn't have dropped it but it would have been nice to have a choice , you are a big distraction but I enjoy our conversations, they are like a massive stress relief which I definitely need I couldn't stop talking to you either , this has become the highlight of my day. Time zones would create such big delay, I like the fact you are within the same country, we can text if I ever charge my phone ( and if you give me your number)
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    Sorry, had a piano lesson :p yeah i think so too.. actually i didn't find that one too hard, i think the hardest one was the healthy diet bit, i guessed all of that question! did you need the whole hour for the test? i'm revising chemistry too, i'm not so worried about english 'cause i've been preparing for ages now..aww i'm glad i can help, and i love our talks too :3 ikr, i used to have a friend in America, and it got so hard to talk to them just because we had to arrange times when i was just about to go to bed, and it all got really confusing.. i reckon you should give me yours, seeing as you were the one who posed as my stalker for a while ;)
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    No worries I loved the healthy diet question, it was a godsend, but the shot put question killed me. The last question was al right to. I finished half an hour early, you ? I've just had a break through with the titration calculations and I'm remembering all the different information about halogens, transition metals and alkali metals, my brain is gradually turning to mush . We have a work shop tomorrow after our chemistry exam so if I'll have time I'll revise it but chemistry is my priority. OK I'll give you mine, tell me you have credit or contract, my friend hasn't had credit since last March , no exaggeration :eek:
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    You clearly did some revision, unlike me.. i got the last 6 mark one , that was quite easy i finished after 20 minutes and proceeded to daydream for the remainder of the time Oh dear, i'm sure you'll be fine :3 save your brain till after the exam, then let it mush away ;p ahh fair enough.. i think i'll squeeze some in at break and maybe lunch (even though i'm being completely irresponsible and going out with my friends just before the english exam!) ok, send it to me in a private message.. i do have credit, although i'm not sure how many texts i have left, so might run out soon.. in any event, i'll top up on the first of June :3
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    I did revision and found the majority of it easy, the 6 mark was OK, I just rambled on a bit, I made the boy into a diver , what sport did you make him participate in ? I hardly ever finish exams early but I don't think the full hour is needed by anybody for a P.E exam.I now have an image of myself with brains leaking and swelling out of my skull. You deserve to have some fun if you've tried hard , when I break up on the first of June me and my friends are going to see we will rock you even though our exams aren't finished. When do you break up ? At least you top up your phone regularly , the people I'm friends with are more socially inept and worse than I am


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