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Overslept my exam!!!!WHAT TO DO?

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    (Original post by a rusH)
    Maybe you should think about investing in one of these.

    that's awesome. Shut up and take my money!

    Say hello to the open university...

    I'm picturing this right now;


    (Original post by 7days)
    I've had about 1-2 hour sleep for the last 2 days and today I overslept one of my AS unit 2 exams. I just couldn't hear my phone alarm. What should I do? Should I send an apology to my personal tutor? Or should I just keep it in silence cos? I mean, I'll still be able to write it in January, but I have no idea of what to do and what to say atm... I don't think that saying that I've overslept will sound appropriate in my situation. HELP! I'm ****ed....
    I did this once Got woken up by my teacher on the answer machine whilst the exam was about to start. Had to rush to school to take it. Somehow still ended up getting the highest mark in the year

    Don't worry about it, just have a better wakeup plan next time.

    time to hang up the webslinging outfit

    Don't worry I had a similar situation. It wasn't oversleeping, but we had holidays right before our exams. And I went to germany over christmas. Unfortunately I have missed my flight. (the airport was in a city 50miles away and we had really bad timing + traffic)

    Anyways I have missed my biology exam unit 1. Luckily it was january exam and I didn't know much of the syllabus anyways + 70% of the class got D and below. So now I had 4 months to revise for it and I feel like I nailed it last week.. Don't worry things like that just happen. I have told my teacher that I have lost my passport and therefore had to wait for documentations from UK border so I can fly, and she bought it.. eventhough she was suprised I went to holidays 2weeks before my exams.:rolleyes:

    * Can't believe people on tsr can be so mean -.- Missing an exam makes you really emotional as you feel like you've worked for nothing for months. Be sensitive people !


    What did you end up doing? ;P

    (Hope you just told them the truth . . .)

    This might be a bit late, but I know someone who did the same and after about a million guilt-trips, all he had to do was pay about £15 to cover the costs. And I'm not sure but I think he's retaking it this month

    You just re-take. Tell them your phone alarm didn't go off. It has happened to me 2-3 times in 2 years - you can't rely on phone alarms. I now have learnt and have an alarm clock.

    It's no biggie

    (Original post by siwelmail)
    And then you're asked to provide EVIDENCE for these matter. You're a ****ing idiot.

    Someone clearly hasn't got the capacity to detect a joke when he sees one. You're the idiot.


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Updated: May 22, 2012
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