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How do you revise physics?

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    What do you think is the best way to learn physics concepts etc?
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    Read the book thoroughly and solve a couple of past papers and u will have a good revision for physics ...well that's how i revise
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    befriend Stephen Hawking.

    But seriously read the main concepts then apply it, the textbook questions are good for this. Then tackle past papers. With physics I found it was good just to talk through the difficult ideas with other people because physics is generally a *****
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    Yea i read through the book a lot, and make sure i understand whats going on before i go to the next page. Then do past exam questions so that i remember it, watching videos of animations and stuff on youtube helps with some concepts..
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    kahn academy is awesome for maths and physics stuff. Not sure if it helps you revise, but its helped me.

    Past exam papers are the way to go though, they help immensely
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    One does not simply revise Physics...
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    (Original post by Drunk Punx)
    One does not simply revise Physics...
    what does one do?
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    I think the concepts don't really need revising, so much as the finer points which you have to remember

    I normally use a combination of the CGP guide and textbook and online stuff to learn the topics and then memorise the mark scheme points for the 6 mark questions that AQA have


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