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how to get from a size 12 to an 8

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    Basically am hitting a brick wall now! I've been trying to lose weight to get back down to my size that I used to be at at the middle of last year.

    Since 2 months ago I've been dieting and exercising. 3 times a week I've been jogging 4 miles doing weights, sit ups and leg raises. A typical day for my eating is fruit and fibre in the morning, 1 sandwich at lunch and sometimes mini cheddars and a salad at night. I drink no added sugar squash or water and sometimes I will have a cup of tea throughout the day.

    I am currently on teacher placement and am in school for 8 on my feet busy till about 4, Monday to Friday,

    All I really want is some help as to if am doing something wrong or what else i could do or try?

    Try eating. At best you're averaging 600 calories a day at the moment. Mini cheddars and salad isnt a meal, its barely a snack. The average female BMR is 1400 - that's just to survive if you did absolutely nothing all day. You're on your feet all day and exercising three times a week, so you need even more. Work out what you actually burn, then take 500 or so off it and aim to eat that.

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    She's not starving to death so she must be getting the calories from somewhere.

    OP, how are you trying to progress with the running and weightlifting? Are you trying to lift heavier and run faster?

    Calculate your BMR then create a calorie deficit by taking away 300-500 from the number. This is the number of calories you should be eating to lose fat. Don't go below 1200. Your diet is the prime factor in instigating the fat loss process. Eat mostly protein and fiber; cut out all refined carbs and sugars and replace the refined carbs with wholegrains. Stay away from fizzy drinks and fruit juices. Do exercises such as HIIT every other day. Exercise isn't as important as diet, but it still is important.

    Up your intake to around 1500+ calories and switch up your routine. Maybe change your intensity when you jog (for instance walk and then sprint) so it's more of a HIIT workout.
    Up your weight when lifting. I don't know how much you're lifting now but don't be afraid to lift heavy. This doesn't mean pick up 25 lb weights straight away, but build it up. Write down your weight and reps when lifting so you can look back and progress. Lifting heavier will make you look leaner and increase the amount of calories you burn at rest. A good lifting session can also get your heart rate up, which means you will be burning additional calories.
    The key to getting past a plateau is to change what you were doing. Eat a proper amount of good food (which means stop eating mini cheddars for dinner). Up your protein intake by having lean meat for dinner, with some brown rice and steamed broccoli. Don't be afraid to eat!
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    okay this has really helped a lot!!! I will try all this out and work out everything!!!

    Thanks for everything!


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Updated: May 22, 2012
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