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Advice for unis, subjects and just about everything needed!

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    Yes so this is my first ever post and I am potentially being rather annoying by asking all the following questions but I could really do with some advice!
    If you can answer any of the following questions (or anything relevant to anything) please do!

    I was thinking of doing Chinese at uni but after looking through endless reviews and courses I decided against it and am now looking at French and Spanish and potentially a third depending on what uni I head off to..
    Current unis I'm thinking of applying to are Oxford, Edinburgh, Durham and Exeter. I haven't looked around any of them yet and still need a 5th!

    I am currently doing french and spanish now for AS, I do love them but has anyone found that they get bored of their language if they've studied it for 7 years or so? (Not sure if possible, just popped into my mind)

    If I were to do a third language any suggestions? And any comments on doing 3 over 2 languages?

    What unis would anyone suggest? I've seen Bristol been slated quite a lot, Oxford seems to do a lot of literature?
    And also, what unis have a lot of choice in what modules to study? I don't mind if the course is quite rigid in structure but it would be nice to choose
    Also, probably won't happen, but are there any unis where you can change one out of the two languages over a year (e.g. first year study french and spanish, second year french and german etc..)

    Just any particular comments in general about doing languages at uni?

    Rereading that I sound dreadfully annoying and I thank anyone who has the patience to read through all of that and have any answers!


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