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    Hi guys just wondering if theres anyone on here like me starting Television and film production course in sep this year at portsmouth ?? Or anyone thats already started with some good advice about the course thanks.
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    Applied for it at Portsmouth, but got Television and Broadcasting instead! Not too bothered though. I hope you have fun on the course!
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    I got offered that aswell but turns out they messed up my grades and put me back in the one I wanted :P call them and ask why you were not accepted that's what I did and they sorted it hope you have fun on your course too!

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    after doing TVFP i only wish i could go back and do TV and broadcasting. if you wana make short films and documentaries then tvfp is for you.
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    I have been offered a place on the Film and Television production course! Hopefully will there in September ^^
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    awesome you living in halls? I'm still to decide where to live haha

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    not helpful i know but i'm doing tv & broadcasting so we'll be sort of in the same area i guess?
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    Cool you looking forward to it?

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    So so much! can't wait to just get there. what halls you hoping for?
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    Me to :P the one on winston Churchill avenue I think :/ cant remember the name of it lol you?

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    ^^ your in trafalger then. with tvfp alot of our lessons are all over but i'd say most are in eldon which you're next door to. television broadcasting have pretty much the same routine. the studio etc they use is on the 1st floor of eldon where tvfp do alot of editing and some lectures. for the big lectures that cover major topics and apply to both courses we all sit in one lecture theatre but for us we already formed friendships etc by that point so we tvfp and tvab didnt really mix with eachother. maybe you year will be different
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    Do you have a story to tell?


    to take part in a documentary/drama, based upon 24 hours in the life of Portsea Island residents.
    Filming will take place between the 10th & 24th of September 2012.

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    I have applied and been accepted onto this course
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    Be seeing you in September then! x

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    I've doing televisions and film production in sept! And I've got in James Watson halls

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    Cool be seeing u in class in sep then :P I didn't get into halls which is crap x

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    That sucks! When did you apply for halls? x

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    Every student about to go on a TV/Film Production Course should listen to this
    Hi if you are about to spend a lot of money on a TV/Film Production course you really should take a moment and listen to this BBC radio broadcast.

    It's what they wont tell you on a uni open day - and is very insightful about future employment possibilities upon graduating. Just remember many are called - few are chosen.


    The basic thrust of it is this - whilst uni's will always tell you about the few successes on their courses (and of course there will always be some) they don't really fess up about how workers in the media are hired and the lack of a regular employment pattern once you are lucky enough to get in.

    New research presented at the British Sociological Association's 2012 conference claimed that middle class people hoard job opportunities in the UK TV and film industry. In a pre- recorded interview from the conference, Professor Irena Grugulis, suggests to Laurie Taylor that working class people don't get these jobs because they don't have the right accents, clothes, backgrounds or friends. Indeed, it's hard to find an area of the economy where connections and contacts are more significant. But is this mainly due to structural changes in the industry rather than to class based prejudice? The media expert, Sir Peter Bazalgette and Professor of Sociology, Mike Savage, respond to this research and explore nepotism, networking and discrimination in the media world and beyond.

    Remember you don't need a media degree to get into telly in the first place - in fact many companies prefer you to have a more intellectually rigorous qualification from a reputable uni rather than a former poly.

    Do listen and consider it.
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    applied for half ages ago that's why I'm so annoyed lol I'm just gonna have to look for a student house, failing that I have a cousin I can live with :P x

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    Got into halls this morning anyone else staying in harry law?

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