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The new episodes of the Simpsons

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    I wish they would just make them like how they used to be. Of course it can belong in this era, the problem is that they have crap writers.

    (Original post by SleepySheep)
    I am one trillion percent sure my tastes did not change. I find the old episodes as funny as ever (especially if I haven't seen them for a long time). The new episodes are friggin terrible. There's an 'accusations of decline in quality' section on Simpson's Wikipedia page from what I remember so it's not just a few of us who feel that way.
    fair enough
    dont know if cyber petitions work but couldnt hurt to have one about improving general quality

    (Original post by Arekkusu)
    To be honest not even the best shows last more than about seven years without needing wholesale cast changes, spin-offs and the like. It's a sad fact of televisual life.
    Perhaps this to

    is futurama similar? i watched an odd episode and i think they...
    ...got together and started dating :eek:

    I think they even admitted this themselves in Season 13...


    Just remembered this picture I made recently:


    Also, see the phase "Jumping the Shark".
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    (Original post by OMGWTFBBQ)
    Also, see the phase "Jumping the Shark".
    'The principal and the pauper' is generally accepted as the point where it jumped the shark, even the writers agree. (it's the one where principal skinner is revealed to be a fraud)

    I personally hate it but it does have one of my favourite Skinner lines: 'up yours, children!'

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    (Original post by pinda.college)
    I stopped watching Simpsons ages ago, so the legacy of the show will remain in my childhood memories.

    You know you watched the show during it's prime if you know which episode the pic below is from:

    Best. Episode. Ever.

    (Original post by Alofleicester)

    It's not a monster, it's Mr. Burns.
    Aw, it's Mr. Burns. Kill it! Kill it!
    Hahaha Willie's accent in that scene kills me.

    (Original post by JohnnytheFox)
    The Simpsons hasn't really been good since the 90's. It's a huge shame as it's got to the point where Im actually ashamed to say to people that I'm a fan of the show. The bad episodes now number more than the good episodes.

    It's a problem with American TV in general though. If its a popular show they'll milk it for every penny. It's happened with Family Guy, South Park and countless others. It ruins the legacy.
    I think they're doing that with The Office now, it's pretty dire compared to what it used to be.


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