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Female coworkers became cold after I told I am engaged :(

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    I started a new job recently and everyone seemed extremely friendly with me. I thought we clicked and this was perfect teamwork.

    On the first friday evening, we went out and one of my team (they're all girls) offered me a drink and we spoke for like two hours. I don't think she was flirting, though she mentioned a few times about getting over her recent break up.
    Then she asked about my status and I felt a bit awkward for a moment, so only after thinking a few seconds I said that I am engaged.
    (I felt awkward because I thought you shouldn't talk about those things so quickly with coworkers)
    She seemed less happy talking to me afterwards and spoke with another guy...
    We all went home together though because we live in the same area.

    But worst of all, after that day my entire team is quite cold towards me and mobbing - quite the radical opposite of how it was in the first few days.
    I am not enjoying the environment anymore, and it almost seems as if they're all doing it on purpose, e.g. not saying "Hi", not greeting, sounding frustrated when I ask them something, etc.

    What's going on and what could I do?
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    Wow, that's quite strange :/ PMS day in the office perhaps?
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    Maybe she was interested in you, but once you said you were engaged you nailed that possibility into a coffin.

    Do you work with other males in your office, or just females? Maybe you're over thinking it, see how it goes
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    Because obviously she was dripping wet for you, and instead of getting something hard between her lips she had to mop it all up and go for a cold shower?

    Or maybe you've read too much into it.
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    There are a few guys, but I generally don't like hanging out with guys except 1 or 2 best friends.

    Couple of days afterwards, her friends asked me the same question, and this time I was more ready.

    But they asked like very very detailed questions.
    Why on earth would coworkers care?

    Isn't this some sort of harassment?!

    I mean, it's nice that they're curious, but why would they all discriminate me after I told them I already have a fiancee?
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    Should've said you were gay. Takes you off the market, and girls still love you.
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    (Original post by Tudball)
    Should've said you were gay. Takes you off the market, and girls still love you.
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    (Original post by Polygoof)
    If you don't want my advice, just say so. :mad:
    There's still a chance to say your fiancée is a bloke.
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    (Original post by Tudball)
    If you don't want my advice, just say so. :mad:
    There's still a chance to say your fiancée is a bloke.
    All I want is to have normal relations, and if possible friendship (it looked like we clicked really really great!), with people whom I will work with more than 10 hours a day.
    I have no romantic or sexual interest in any of them >.<
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    I was confused, until i realised you were male. (Not that i can't get my head around lesbianism, i just didn't think it likely that a random sample of women (your co workers) would all be lesbians.)

    Well it's very rude of them. Evidently they are all desperate singletons and saw you as fresh meat until you 'let them down'. I don't know what to say because you haven't done anything wrong... It's all a bit odd as well...who refuses to be nice to someone because they know they can't get into their pants?


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Updated: May 26, 2012
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