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prospective mature student

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    Hi! Well tomorrow I have my interview at college, I'm hoping to do Access to HE, humanities. I'm a bit anxious; I'm 45 and wondering if I'm too old to change direction. I've been a care assistant for most of my life and last year I just realised I didn't want to do it anymore. I would love to teach Adult Literacy and thats where I'd like to be eventually.
    I hated school and I'm a bit nervous about returning to education, I feel so old!!!!
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    Well I see no point in sticking with a job you hate. I think that you should definitely aim to teach Adult Literacy. One of my families friends decided to do a physics degree at 35, with no education because he hated his job. Smartest decision of his life he says. I don't think it matters how old you are, if it's something you're passionate about then definitely go for it.
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    You're not too old, go for it.

    I'm doing an Access to HE Science and there are people in there 30s, 40s and 50s on this course.... I'm 20 and it makes for a nice, mature crowd and not your typical class full of young teenagers.
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    :hello: Welcome to TSR!

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    I have just successfully finished my he access course. There were all ages on my course from 19 year olds straight from high school to people in their 50's. I hadn't been in education for a long time and I loved my experience at college. don't worry about age you will fit right in and the course is very different from school (which I hated too).
    Good Luck with your course and your new career!
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    Don't worry about your age at all, there's a couple of people on my access course who are well into their 40s and they're doing fine. Also my aunt never did her degree until she was in her 50s, she went onto teach A level English and Geography.

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    thanks everyone, your support means alot


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Updated: May 22, 2012
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