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year 1 or year 2 entry in newcastle uni

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    Hi! I am looking at my offer at Newcastle University for Architecture. I've already done 3 years of architecture before in a polytechnic, however that was almost 3 years ago.

    I'm thinking if I should request to skip year 1, and dive right into year 2. The benefits are of course to save costs and time in this long road to getting accredited.

    However, I feel there's also a long downside to jumping straight into Year 2 as I'm moving up from Singapore. Getting used to the new lifestyle and with all these new errands won't be easy, especially with the heavy workload from course.

    Anyone have any comments or ideas to feedback?
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    if you can afford the time and money, go for year 1, as it means you can settle in more gradually and also understand how the system works there. year 1 is always good to help students understand the preferred style of the uni, how the library, it, workshop etc works. if you go in in year 2, there's a risk you will feel rushed. Also, you may find that the level of the other students by year 2 has got quite good, as they will have been working for a year already, so you might feel a bit stressed by their work ethic and output.
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    My uni first year was messing about getting everyone up to speed, although obviously it didn't feel like that at the time. If you've done 3 years already then you might find it painfully easy, but it still might be worth your while, you can come in and make a strong impression as one of the best students, and carry this through the entire degree.


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Updated: May 24, 2012
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