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Why Do People Almost ALWAYS Wear Jeans?

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    Warm, comfy, hard-wearing, cheap, go with pretty much anything. You can even stick tights or leggings on underneath when it's really cold. I can't really ask for more from a pair of everyday trousers.
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    I rarely wear jeans but have noticed a lot of people tend to wear them daily.

    I usually wear miniskirts, leggings or denim hotpants w/ tights. Jeans don't sit right on me - a 6 is too small in the leg; an 8 is too wide around the waist and a belt doesn't help any.
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    Apart from skirts/dresses/shorts, what else is there to wear? O.o
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    I don't wear jeans much as a girl, but I like them on boys (if dark and not excessively skinny or baggy)
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    Jeremy Clarkson made them fashionable!
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    I've always been a jeans person I prefer wearing them. I don't really like the leggings look although I do have trousers which look like leggings but there not I might wear leggings with a top on a night out possibly depending on the material and if it looks more like trousers. Jeans also go with pretty much everything.

    I usually save shorts/skirts/dresses for nights out. I can wear shorts in the day time sometimes if it's warm and skirts usually they are still jeans material .
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    (Original post by Bellissima)
    STOP saying chino's

    doing it once was fine, coulda been a typo.... but twice?
    I'm German, so my English is not perfect. Thanks
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    (Original post by barnetlad)
    Jeremy Clarkson made them fashionable!
    If anything, Jeremy Clarkson has made them less fashionable...
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    what else is there really? tracksuits?
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    They're cool:cool:
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    Jeans are for cool people.
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    They are comfy and I love to wear them
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    Because I can't wear jeans in the workplace/in sixth form, I like to wear them out when I'm going somewhere where I can actually bloody wear them lol.
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    Because they're comfy? And fit to purpose, I wear chinos aswell. I don't feel comfortable wearing joggers or tracksuits out to be perfectly honest, and that leaves you with nothing much else really.
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    They're pretty tough compared to a lot of trouser options, and they don't look stupid if you wear fairly baggy ones. For me, if I wore lighter and/or tighter trousers most of the time they'd end up torn to shreds.
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    I wear them because they go with my outfits and I also wear chino, combat and cargo for warm weather I find wearing combat or cargo is good and light.
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    Let me guess, your a chino ****er?

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    Just standard procedure aren't they
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    Why does everyone who goes on about chinos seem to be under 20?
    Anyway, I find jeans a bit to warm in the summer, and I really don't like shorts, so chinos just seem like a no-brainer to me
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    I dunno, I guess it's just one of those staple pieces of casual clothing, like t-shirts and vest tops.

    I think jeans can be fairly comfy, though I agree that they're not as comfy as other types of trousers such as chinos, cotton trousers and jogging bottoms. Although, I once bought a pair of jeans from Forever 21 that were amazingly soft and comfortable - I really loved them but now I've somehow lost them


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Updated: June 3, 2012
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