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Students: How often do you visit home?

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    When I go University this year, I am planning on visiting home a couple of times a month, but my mate said she is planning on visiting home EVERY WEEKEND!

    So, how often do you visit home? If you are going to University, then how often do you plan on visiting home?
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    I'm not at uni yet, but I wont be going home that much.. once every month or 2 maximum.. i plan to spend most of my time visiting my friends overseas So i'll save my money for that! My dad lives and works in london monday to friday so i dare say that ill see him occasionally if i go to brunel.. though it is a long trip right across London..

    but on the other hand i have friends at uni this year who are practically home every weekend and special occasion eg a birthday. she has a car though. but its still 3hrs drive for her each way.. i couldn't afford that!
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    I'm in the same position as you, although I live with my parents in greater london now I don't think I'd want to see them every weekend if i went to a london uni, honestly.

    I plan to visit maybe once, twice a month
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    i visited for one weekend in each 12 week semester in the year just gone (my first)
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    I plan on going home during holidays and that's it.
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    I tend to go once a semester, which works about once every 6 weeks. My parents have visited for a weekend and when my dad was working nearby we would go out for dinner every couple of weeks.

    I did go two weekends in a row once, as I wanted to go to a concert in London & had non refundable train tickets, but that's the only time and I was exhausted and didn't get any work done. I don't think I could do a 3 hour plus, journey more often than that tbh plus I'd miss out on so much as uni!
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    I'm (hopefully) off to University in September.
    I'm from Oxford, if I go to UCL I'll probably be able to visit home once a month or so and have my parents meet me for lunch or whatever pretty regularly.
    If I end up at St. Andrews, I will come back in the holidays and that will be about it.
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    On average once or twice a month for the weekend. Before I went to uni I thought I would go home almost every weekend but it's difficult when I have a lot of work and it costs a lot. The longest I have gone without going home is eight weeks.
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    Thank god! I thought I was being really evil only visiting home every month or so.
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    Tbh, whenever I feel like it. It's no crime, fancying a bit of home is normal after a while.
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    At the beginning during first year I used to visit ever weekend cause I got home sick. Over the course of my degree, it started getting less and less. I only ever went home for special occasions.
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    Usually 4 weeks for Christmas, 3 weeks for Easter, and then 2 or 3 months during the summer. I never go home during term time as I have to take a plane home, so when I go home for holidays I stay for as long as I can to catch up with my family and friends
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    I only go home on the holidays.
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    I plan on going home for a week or so in summer and same at Christmas.
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    It started out as once a month and has now cut down to once every two/three months.

    At the start of the year it was easy to go home and then I went on placement for 6 weeks and I couldn't go home then and towards the end of the year with essays and exams I am too busy and I have another 6 week block of placement before summer.

    I last went home in April and I am going home at the beginning of June and then I won't be home until the beginning of August for summer. I can get home quite easily though because it is only an hour and a half on the train and only cost £10.
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    I go home every weekend. I go to Greenwich and my family are from West London so while it's worth living in halls due to how difficult it is to get across London every day going home for the weekend is easy and cheap. My older sisters both have children so having me home for half the week (I have/had lectures on monday, tuesday, wednesday and go home on wednesday night, go back to uni on Sunday) is a real help for them with childcare arrangements.
    Next year, however I'm not going to be going home as often as I 1) have lectures every day but thursday and 2) like my flatmates. Am excited!
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    :curious: Every holiday...

    But the university I'm planning to go to is at the opposite end of the country. Maybe I'll venture home once during term time as well
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    I tend to go home when there's a reason to - so far this year that's meant Christmas, Easter, reading week and a family funeral. I also wanted to go home for a family birthday, but commitments at uni meant that I couldn't.

    I'm 4 hours away from home (door to door), and so going home on a whim doesn't really happen much - in part because of the distance, in part because of the need to book train tickets in advance to save money, in part because I have quite a full calendar even at weekends, and in part because I don't really miss home much anyway. TBH, 3.5 months at home this summer is going to be a bit of a shock to the system - I haven't seen them for more than 2 weeks at a time since March 2011!
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    Both my uni choices are pretty much the same distance away from home so whichever one I go to I'm not too far away. I don't think I'll be visiting home too often, certainly every holiday, I need to get used to living on my own. I'll see how I feel when I get there.
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    I moved away in August last year and I've only been home twice (at Christmas/New Year time and at my birthday at the end of March) because it's a long journey to get home and I'm busy with college and work here now.


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