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Best Country in the World

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    What is the best country in the world????????
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    Fine, I haven't travelled enough to say.
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    Scotland lets look at the evidence

    230,000 BC Scots discover fire
    174,000 BC Scots invent the wheel
    38,000 BC Scots invents writing
    17,000 BC Scotland first nation to enter the Bronze Age
    5300 BC Scotland first nation to enter the Iron Age
    4800 BC Scotland invents currency
    1800 BC Scotland invents Democracy
    55 AD Scotland conquers Britain
    1066 AD Scotland conquers Britain again
    1485 AD Scotland wins the Battle of Bosworth
    1492 AD Scotland discovers America
    1792 AD Scotland invents the steam engine
    1815 AD Scotland wins the Battle of Waterloo
    1856 Scotland wins the American Civil War
    1918 Scotland triumphant in WW1
    1944 Scottish armies liberate Paris
    1945 Scotland conquers Berlin
    1967 Scottish astronauts land on the moon

    Seriously though In terms of what though?
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    or Britain

    <3 x
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    Norway apparently but I don't know because I've never been there...
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    The USA.

    LOL jk.

    I'm not American.
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    INDIA or UK
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    I would say the USA but ONLY because of Key West in southern Florida. Although Americans themselves are completely stupid.

    Edit: I'm just going to assume the negs were from Americans and let it slide
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    South Korea, those women, education, video games, internet and Korean BBQ Click image for larger version. 

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    (Original post by datta01)
    INDIA or UK
    I'm guessing you're a British Indian? :ninja:
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    SCOTLAND & CANADA definitely:awesome:
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    Penguin Republic of North Antarctica
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    The Americans will be the first and last ones to tell you how superior their nation is to all others. And like a true Brit, I will be the one complaining.
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    UK obvs.
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