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Best Country in the World

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    Out of the countries I have been I think America and Switzerland are the best.
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    Rand McNally.
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    (Original post by Sgany)
    South Korea, those women, education, video games, internet and Korean BBQ Attachment 150425
    I second this
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    DEUTSCHLAND :love:
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    New Zealand
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    (Original post by Sternumator)
    Out of the countries I have been I think America and Switzerland are the best.

    (Original post by cr.x)
    Would you say the US is better to live in than the UK and why if so? I'm considering emigrating but I'm not sure.
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    Republic of Maldives. Have you seen some of the resorts and beaches? Counting down the days until I finally go there
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    Sweden. Dem Scandinavian girls.
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    Toss up between Andorra and Afghanistan. The latter is more of a winner.
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    (Original post by RP-MRU.)
    I thought the Greeks invented Democracy?
    But you thought Scots discovered fire, invented the wheel, invented writing, invented currency, were triumphant in WW1, discovered America, liberated Paris and had their own space programme in 1967????
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    (Original post by RP-MRU.)
    I thought the Greeks invented Democracy?
    Scotland won the American Civil War too did they?
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    I think that is Norway, because this is the richest country in the world, people have very big salary, they had the good fortune to have been rich with oil, i call them European Saudi Arabia, but i heard that people are very depresed and lonely.
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    South Africa! Germany's pretty great too
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    I think you'll find this settles the argument :ahee:
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    (Original post by Deiidara)
    And where exactly is that country?


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