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Final year module subject's...

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    Hey guys, i wondering if theres anyone who does/who's done Intellectual Property Law?

    What should i expect? Did you enjoy it or did you regret picking it?

    The other 3 modules ive picked for next year are Criminology, International Human Rights and Family Law but i dont know what exactly to expect in IP...
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    Also does any recommend any good 'revision' books for IP. I want to get reading during the holidays, but not with the main corebooks.

    I like the 'Unlocking' and 'Concentrate' books, but they dont do them for IP Law
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    lol what nothing at all?
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    I honestly can't say.

    I mean I enjoyed the copyright/confidence side of the course (the course was split into two) and I enjoyed trade mark but found patents difficult to get my head around.

    Anyway for a basic book I'd recommend Intellectual Property by David Bainbridge


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