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HR in Edinburgh or Finance in York??

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    For the last 2 weeks the only thing i have in mind is this dilemma.

    If someone wants to express an opinion that could help me decide because i have seen so many leagetables,i have heard so many different opinions that really confused me. i should underline that i don't care about the nightlife or the town.the only thing that matters to me is the educational level and the career possibilities that they provide.
    thanks in advance!!
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    Is there a signal of your course preference by posting in this forum perhaps? As an Accountant I am naturally going to say that a career in accounting/finance is a good option.

    However the most important thing is you choose a course you can enjoy as 3 years of your life is a fair time but you will also be coming out with a career path which could be in one of 2 distinct directions.

    I don't know if you've visited the 2 options yet but I would definitely say go and meet people. Have a chat with the staff and maybe some of those already on the course and get a feel for the place.

    You can get a good feeling, or a bad one pretty quickly. But also look at the elements of the course and perhaps list the elements you are interested in and not.

    One other thing to do is to visit the university discussions here and talk to current past and future attendees. Their feedback can be invaluable.

    Hope this helps and best of luck

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