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Should Pupils Stand Up When A Teacher Enters The Classroom?

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    Only when the head enters

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    No, it instills exactly the wrong sort of attitude in them, a sense of unquestioning respect to position (not individuals), it's also pointless and doesn't effect the behaviour of the class. The same with the teacher refusing to let the students in until they've acheived total silence.
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    (Original post by xoxAngel_Kxox)
    We had to in primary school, and the beginning of high school, but then lads starting messing around and saluting, and on the odd occasion refusing to sit down until the national anthem had been sung, replacing the word "Queen" with "teacher" or "principle" (no word of a lie) so they decided it was easier not to bother.
    LOL that's brilliant
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    Policies like this make me glad I'm leaving school in two weeks.
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    NO LOL
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    Why not? We did it in my school.
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    (Original post by TheHansa)
    No, it instills exactly the wrong sort of attitude in them, a sense of unquestioning respect, it's also pointless and doesn't effect the behaviour of the class. The same with the teacher refusing to let the students in until they've acheived total silence.
    I'll go with this actually, introducing more unquestioning loyalty to authority in state education will make current issues worse.
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    Sounds a tad ridiculous to me, probably because I've never had to do anything like that.
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    (Original post by madders94)
    Whilst I disagree that all teachers are worthy of respect (most are, but the awful ones who do very little teaching and actually bully their students will never get any respect from me), I don't think standing up when they enter shows respect, I think it shows inferiority - it's archaic and horrible. Plus, what about disabled people? Will they get in trouble for not standing up if a teacher enters the room?

    As someone else said, respect is listening and behaving.

    What a baseless and hollow comment.
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    Only when it's the teacher teaching the lesson and they enter for the first time.
    Shows respect.
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    We have to all of the time in my school! Can be annoying if you're in the middle of work! :L
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    (Original post by tehforum)
    What a baseless and hollow comment.
    It was said tongue-in-cheek, no doubt that if this was made compulsory in all schools, there'd be people insisting that it's absolutely wrong purely because disabled people can't do it.
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    Went to an all boys school and we did it whenever the head walked in. I think it worked well. It showed he demanded respect.
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    We had this at my school - was pretty tough being a young teenage male in a class where you could have to stand up at any moment... if ya know what I mean haha - I got sent out for this once
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    We had to do it for only I think two of our classes. It's pointless.

    By asking kids to stand up, you're asking them to do something useless. It doesn't show respect; it shows willingness to follow instructions and all I remember is thinking how petty it was that we weren't allowed to sit down and start working until every single person was stood up behind their desk; and if pupils aren't standing up, then the teacher will probably make a big deal out of it and waste even more time.

    Respect is about giving people attention, not talking over them, complying with reasonable and productive requests, not just obeying orders.

    Besides, you need to earn respect.
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    Well, do you stand up every time your parents enter the room? Why not? Don't you "respect" them?

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    I actually feel sorry for teachers nowadays. They have no control whatsoever.

    There was this teacher who got pushed up against the wall by a student and the teacher got blamed for it!
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    (Original post by llys)
    Well, do you stand up every time your parents enter the room? Why not? Don't you "respect" them?

    no, because your parents don't expect/ask you to! but if my parents tell me to tidy/clean/go to the shops/help do things then i'll do it.
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    We weren't allowed in the classroom until the teacher let us in, but then we weren't supposed to sit down until they told us to (although when you get into sixth form, there are no rules, particularly in smaller classes!). It's not that much effort really and I think it creates a divide between teachers and students which is important - they're not meant to be your friends.
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    It's in the school rule book, but I've never done it and I've seen it done in my school. Nor has it ever been mentioned.
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    What if you didnt respect the teachers? I only didnt respect one an old tutor and my head. Why should I stand for those who fail to protect all students or fail to respect those who dont respect me.

    I was bullied and was not given adequete protection and the main person was put in 90%classes despite police being involved. My tutor also bullied me, although more teasing still breaking law/ethics of a teacher. I wouldnt stand for those. I would for maybe my french teacher at school and maths and assistant head.


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Updated: May 23, 2012
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