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Edexcel AS Psychology UNIT 2 29th May 2012

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    (Original post by Rizzy J)

    5 year old boy taken to freud suffering from phobia of horses. Freud saw hans once or twice. Information came mostly through hans father.
    At age 3, hans developed interest in his own penis. Age 5 mother threatened to cut it off if he did not stop playing with it. Developed fear a white horse would bite him. Hans fathee related to freud that this was probably related to horses large penis. Father objected him into getting into parents bed in the morning. Hans feared going out of the house incase he encounted a horse. Fear became limited to horses with black harness noses, hans father interpreted this as his black moustache. Hans had two fantasises: he had several imaginery children, asked who the mother was, said why mummy and you’re granddad. Also imagined a plumber fitting him with a bigger penis.
    Freud saw phobias as expression of Oedipus complex-fantasised himself with a big penis like his father and married to his mother with father in role of grandad
    Wrong study, do you have a shortened procedure for Little Alb? It's just so overly long.
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    (Original post by stephbeeeify)
    Neurotransmitters are chemicals that are found in the synaptic gap between two neurones. They pass messages from one neurone to another. Neurotransmitters come from one terminal button from one neurone and are passed to the dendrite on the next neurone. The neurotransmitter fits onto the receptor on the second neurone which changes the shape and allows an electrical current (message) to pass from one neurone to another

    A bit mixed up! haha

    Describe your practical for the biological approach (5 marks)
    Try and mention pre-synaptic neurone and post synaptic neurone and also that receptors are on post synaptic neurone and neurotransmitters attach to them. once enough avtivated new nerve impulse created

    Do females have better memory at object location.
    Given an image to look at for one minute. Then given another image to look at for two minutes. had to note down the differnce between the two images.
    ppts allowed to withdraw from the experiment. informed consent given before experiment. debriefed at end of expeiment.
    results were significant as the caluculated figure was higher than the critical value.

    describe the oedipus complex and relate to hans study
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    (Original post by al0)
    Wrong study, do you have a shortened procedure for Little Alb? It's just so overly long.
    sorry thought you wanted hans somebdy had asked me for it too

    A- explore whether a fear response to a stimulus could be classically conditioned
    P- 9 month old infant chosen for emotional stability
    unafraid of a range of stimuli including rat. 2 month later was shown the rat again and when he reached for it, a lound noise was made with a hammering and a steel bar which scared him. repeated 5x, 1 week later
    R- when steel bar was struck, albert showed fear. second trial, cautious about the rat and leaned away when the rat was presented. 5 days later albert cried in response to the rat and various objects with fur, coat, and theses responses persisted until the final testing, 7 weeks after start of the study
    C- classically conditioned to be afraid of the rat and through generalisation became afraid of other white, furry object's.
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    I think that Hans, Dibs and Money are gonna come up
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    Yeah i think Dibs and Money are very likely to come up. And the comparison of the gender development between the approaches. Maybe some bits on animal studies too. I'm going to sleep, its almost 2am hahah. Good luck in your exam everyone!
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    do you guys think inferential stats will come up ?
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    Good luck guys!
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    How did you guys all find the exam?
    we're allowed to talk about it now! Haha

    I was so happy about the Craner study
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    What did everyone write about to do with the woman not smoking on the plane, what therapy did you put?
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    I used aversion therapy for the smoking
    What did you use?
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    (Original post by al0)
    I think that Hans, Dibs and Money are gonna come up
    Also, you were right! haha
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    I used token economy!!
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    (Original post by Shaft284)
    I used token economy!!
    Token Economy could work too
    I didn't think the exam was too bad!
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    the 12 marker who wrote about bachrach?
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    i was so happy with this exam!
    i did Systematic Desensitisation to get rid of the fear of flying.
    was so glad Axline came up as the 12 marker :P
    and the comapre Biological and Learning (:
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    I did systematic desensitisation too

    I thought it was a really nice exam actually.
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    Has any one got a copy of a provisional markscheme yet please
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    (Original post by Oli-Ol)
    I did systematic desensitisation too

    I thought it was a really nice exam actually.
    Yeah, I thought it was a really nice exam too yay!
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    Full marks or close to it
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    how'd people get on?
    I got 115/120


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