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Did you see the Eurovision song contest 2012?

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    Hasn't happened yet.
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    You mean the semi finals for it?
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    (Original post by Dagnabbit)
    You mean the semi finals for it?
    yes the 1st semi-final. Which songs did you like?
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    the russian grannies!!!! SO glad they got through! Loved them bless their heart with their little oven.

    I also found the trumpet song weirdly catchy. PMSL @ the lyrics though. "You haven't seen before how looks the trumpet" lol
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    Good luck Englebert, but I think we've missed our best chance. We should have sent the guy off BGT with his "Where's ma keys , where's ma phone" song. ;~)
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    i liked very much the songs of Iceland, Greece, Cyprus and San Marino!
    The Russian song is very weird, and i believe that they will win!
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    Congratulations to sweden. Nice song!
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    I don't see why there's such an over-reaction of us being bad and not winning?
    It's a great night of entertainment with the good, and the really bad songs!


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Updated: May 28, 2012
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