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I'm new! YAY!!

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    hi!! so I'm new to this whole TSR thing but i guess you probably realized that from the title :P well anyway i have been living in the US for hmm nine years now i guess..WOW.. so long i don't like living here and my best friend is leaving the country in a couple years as well which basically leaves me without a reason to stay so I'm attempting to apply to colleges and universities in the UK and throughout the rest of EU so exited, i love EU. I'm currently in my 11th year and took two APs this year and am planing on taking SIX next year to round out my high school life. i generally do quite well in my studies and have taken 2 years of Latin and am currently in my third year of Chinese(mandarin). I am planing on majoring in aeronautical engineering and plastic surgery. As well as the languages i am learning in school i am fluent in English(British and American), i speak a bit of Finnish, Italian and welsh. i can understand most Korean, Japanese and french, and i can speak french and German enough to get by.Oh BTW i LOVE languages in case you didn't realize by now :} soooo yep HI!!!!!
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    :hello: Welcome to TSR!

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    Hello fellow international user! :hi: Feel free to PM me with questions regarding... anything at all!
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    (Original post by punctuation)
    Hello fellow international user! :hi: Feel free to PM me with questions regarding... anything at all!
    Hi! I will! thank you


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