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Good places to shop online (like ASOS)

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    I'm looking for a bit of a wardrobe revamp and want to do most of it online. What are some good websites where I could get some reasonably cheap clothes?

    Things similar to ASOS
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    Most shops have their own online store; Next, River Island, Topshop, TK Maxx....
    Or fork out a bit and have a look at Harrords and Selfridges...
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    Boohoo, miss self ridge, new look, Dorothy Perkins, topshop, lipsy. Most high street stores have online stores apart from the few treasures like boohoo and asos.

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    Although ASOS really is the best imo
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    10% off coupon for whole store:FB10OFF
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    the websites of Pull and Bear, Bershka, I've heard people mention bank fashion on here before (although I've never tried it out myself).
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    Pull and Bear is good quality for a reasonable price. Wouldn't touch boohoo if you like quality clothes. Then you've just got standard highstreet stuff, Mango, Topshop, River Island, Miss Selfridge, Zara etc.
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    (Original post by sammy-lou)


    Although ASOS really is the best imo
    I'll forever stick to forever21
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    I love www.johnny-loves-rosie.com/ and www.galibardy.com/ for accessories

    For clothes, I love Asda (and I'm sure they sell loads online,too) and F&F at Tesco. Never knock the supermarket brands - got some grey tie dye ish leggings and 2 beautiful tops at Asda today for 15 squids

    I also can't vouch enough for Matalan - very good quality at very reasonable prices.

    Other websites I have used in the past, or which I plan on using, are: Uniqlo, Republic, New Look, Next and SimplyBe (though their sizes start at 14).
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    eBay. Really. Topshop and Urban Outfitters are among my most frequented shops and I've recently managed to find some (new) pieces which had sold out in store...at a fraction of the cost!
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    here;s my favourites: Topshop, new look, missguided, asos, forever21, riverisland
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    (Original post by Henwin)
    I'm looking for a bit of a wardrobe revamp and want to do most of it online. What are some good websites where I could get some reasonably cheap clothes?

    Things similar to ASOS
    I'm doing the same sort of thing for over summer, and I was pleasantly surprised by H&M, dresses for under £10!
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    Soda Mix have some nice stuff (mostly dresses) for very reasonable prices.

    Also, try the outlet section of eBay, they have some good things if you're willing to search through.
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    I honestly think ebay is a great place to get clothes online...you can get new clothes from really good quality brands at such low prices. I think I'm addicted. So much choice too...:drool:
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    I would also try Yoox - http://www.yoox.com/ - you can get some really good deals on there, especially at the end of a season.
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    romwe.com and nastygal.com
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    For clothes,
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    http://secretsales.com/ just sign up and you will be notification when new deal come out.
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    try misguided, the layout is similar to asos.


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