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My masterpiece

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    I had a cat
    It died.
    I had a dog
    It survived.
    A had a girl
    She's alive
    In my basement
    She's trying to hide.
    I come after her
    With a gun.
    Soon she'll be eating
    My cum.
    My name is big Danny G
    I am so pleased
    To meet thee.
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    I had a thread
    It died on its arse.
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    Crippling criticism.
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    (Original post by CyclopsRock)
    Crippling criticism.
    LOL, yes!

    You sound a bit wierd.
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    I am creatively challenged, I'm trying to get across my meaning and my point.

    This may be used in my trial.
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    Why can't I like my own post?
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    For what it is, it's simple and has a good structure. Not a masterpiece.

    Although, it's a bit disgusting and disturbing, dontcha think?
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    Do you think maybe you should hand yourself into the police, you know, to confess something....?
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    You are a charming young poet, aren't you?
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    Another student still drunk from the night before I see :rolleyes:
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    A powerful piece of poetry, definitely emotive. The use of simple language and short sentences to convey such a dramatic message adds to this effect. There is a clear persona in this poem - the bad man who abuses a girl he has locked up in his basement. It is not common for a poem such a clear narrator as in this one.

    I don't know if this is a masterpiece, but this is definitely a very interesting poem.
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    To be honest, I like it. I think it is creative exactly.
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    I'm using this poem for when porn is down.
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    (Original post by VeniViciVidi)
    I'm using this poem for when porn is down.
    Does it go down sometimes then? I thought webporn was always on.

    Rape fantasies aren't generally considered fun though, esp. not by decent guys I know.
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    Some people get sectioned for less.
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    Dude. You're going places.
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    They should put this on the GCSE syllabus
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    (Original post by the bear)
    They should put this on the GCSE syllabus
    We're already studying it in AS, in Criminology.


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