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How mature are people at uni?

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    I'm in my last few weeks at school, and people are still doing things like stealing people's bags, putting people in headlocks, drawing on people's faces etc. Do things like this happen at uni,or are people more grown up?
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    It definitely still happens. And it gets a gazillion times worse when you add stuff like sports society initiations, drinking societies etc. However you also have a much wider range of people to choose from, and you can find people who are more mature to hang out with if that's what you want.
    Although its not necessarily just about maturity. Some of it is personality. Some people like messing about and others are more serious The nice thing about University is that there's a lot of diversity and it caters for everyone.
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    Not very. The whole 'lad' culture thing is huge and stuff like that still happens. Obviously it depends where you go and who you are friends with, but I was kind of surprised by it tbh.
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    Not as mature as you'd think.
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    (Original post by fortunecookie)
    Not very. The whole 'lad' culture thing is huge and stuff like that still happens. Obviously it depends where you go and who you are friends with, but I was kind of surprised by it tbh.
    "Lads lads" are irritating god damn.
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    It's full of beta males/females and the dumbasses that play up to their own personas.

    You'll find people but personally just stick to whoever isn't a dickhead, it is much easier, at university people are either dickheads or they aren't. Diversity? LOL
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    Personally I find that most of the people on my course are rather mature, but as said above, there are plenty of people on your course so there will be a diverse range of attitudes.
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    it is very immature!!

    just think- these people have now moved away from their parents and any restrictions, are living alone and being 'independent'

    it only gets worse my friend :rolleyes:
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    Depends. I think everyone gets a tad more mature the moment they arrive on campus.

    I'd say that everyone is pretty mature in general, but there are still some that need to grow up at times.

    I wouldn't be worried about it, unless your going to a really crappy sorry-excuse-of-a-uni or something,
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    There is less bullying I guess.

    But people find other ways to be immature. Yeah people are no where near as mature at uni as I had hoped
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    almost no bullying, people are all friendly (thats just my uni I suppose)

    maturity obviously depends on who you hang around with but it's definitely more mature here than school

    there are still those people that make you think "lol how did they even get into uni" but they probably get ironed out after first year
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    It's better than at school/college but immaturity still exists. There are thousands of students to meet however, compared to maybe a few hundred at your current place of education. And everyone's different. There are also more mature people too.
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    I think there are many similar incidents, but the main difference is that they will generally be pranks among friends. We recently toilet-papered one of my mates' rooms after he left it open and was puking in the toilets. I think he was a bit peeved but we all know he would instantly do the same thing to us.

    We also had an incident though where someone **** in the bath and wouldn't own up. And where the floor above (who we didnt know) stole and destroyed our christmas tree and broke all the baubles and decorations and ate the chocolate and opened the presents underneath it and proceeded to blast Christmas music as loud as they could. That definitely wasn't funny.

    But generally, if people know you're not up for it, they won't prank you.

    The main difference is that the ones that are morons are the ones with the fewest friends. People don't tolerate bullying as much and the real losers are the ones that try to make other people feel like one.
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    (Original post by meow444)
    There is less bullying I guess.

    But people find other ways to be immature. Yeah people are no where near as mature at uni as I had hoped
    :hugs: I'm always hopeful that when I go to uni, people will act at least a little mature. I hate this lad culture...
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    Not very in my experience, you think people will have grown up by this point but sadly not. I think I have, however, been unlucky in encountering some of the most immature people in my uni and somehow struggling to find the few mature ones. :rolleyes:

    I don't mean in terms of not being silly sometimes, but you think people will have grown out of the *****iness and cliques that you get in school, and a lot of them haven't.


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