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Heat and sun make me sick...?

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    Seriously, it's been sooo hot for two days now, and yeah I wish I could enjoy it, but I just can't. I only need to be outside for some 20 minutes, and I start feeling really nauseous and languid.... I can't stand direct sunlight, I hate sun bathing, for it only makes me nauseous very quickly. Even if I drink a lot it doesn't really help... Does anyone have this problem? Or am I the only one who likes to stay indoors or at least in the shadow?
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    i have the same problem. i get dizzy, sick, tired and everything feels blocked.
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    Yup, same. I feel really uncomfortable standing in direct sunlight.
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    Could be a migraine or photophobia.
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    Same problem here...

    I don't know the reason for it, but try and stay in the shade, use sun block, don't take on any strenous activity out in the sun, and drink lots of water. Keeping your salt levels up also helps if you are sweating a lot.

    Edit: why have I been negged for this?!
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    Can't give you a reason sorry. You are best taking a trip to your GP.
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    Do you eat enough and get enough water?
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    Yup, same. I feel really uncomfortable standing in direct sunlight.
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    Same here! I think it's because of the radical weather change. Some people take more time to get use to change, so their bodies respond differently. Make sure to drink a lot of water. On the contrary to what most people say, I found that eating smaller portions (and less rich foods) like 6 small portions a day instead of 3 normal meals, makes me feel less lethargic and feel less "icky".
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    Vampires are real! :eek:
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    (Original post by v00l3z)
    Yup, same. I feel really uncomfortable standing in direct sunlight.
    OMG you must be a half vampire! Quick! Bite me I want to have powers!
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    I usually get a migraine if I'm out in the sun for too long. Doesn't help that I have dark hair and pale skin.
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    Wow, only in England lol. :cute:
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    I had that feeling when i went to Africa it basically ruined my holiday because i was as weak as a new born kitten

    It got better the next time i went though

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    I usually get headaches after a day or couple of hours in the sun. I cannot open my eyes in the sun either; I have to squint
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    I'm the same. I won't go out in the sun like it is today at all. The only reason I open the window is because I don't have a fan in every room of the house.
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    AH! Your a ginger!
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    (Original post by Left Hand Drive)
    AH! Your a ginger!
    Coming from someone in Scotland I suppose you know all about that?
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    (Original post by Sgt.Incontro)
    Wow, only in England lol.
    This. Come on guys, we only get the sun on rare occasions and since its out, we might as well ****ing enjoy it.
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    I have to mow the lawn today, ill probably fall over lool


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